Undeclared Interests and the Ombudsman?

This has come in from an ‘Old Labour’ source that brings some illumination on the issue of undeclared interests, a common problem in Rotherham:

“Amy Rushforth, daughter of Kevin Baron is currently being investigated by the Local Government Ombudsman for issues surrounding conflicts of interest.

As a director of Maltby Academy ltd she was evidently involved in every stage of the controversial development of the school, it’s academisation as well as aspects including design choices, choice of building company etc…

Evidence shows that Mr Lakin followed correct procedure by declaring an interest as a school governor and then leaving the meeting when this agenda item was discussed.


Amy Rushforth has attended numerous meetings regarding the Academy in her role as company director, RMBC councillor and Maltby Town Councillor. This would normally constitute a conflict of interest at least! Yet there is only one example that can be found where she declares an interest at any level. In one meeting she declares an interest then goes onto participate in the vote on the issue!


If it is right for Lakin and other elected representatives to remove themselves from meetings where they have declared an interest why doesn’t Rushforth?

We await with anticipation the response from the LGO! An update will follow when more information comes to light.”

7 thoughts on “Undeclared Interests and the Ombudsman?

  1. I can’t really see how she can deny this as the second link clearly shows that she had declared an interest but it also shows that she took part in the recorded vote on the very item that she had declared an interest in!


      • That maybe so but that should be first point of call and if it’s not dealt with appropriately by the Standards Board only then it needs to be referred to the Ombudsman. Otherwise he/she will refer it back to the complainant to go through the laid down procedures.


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