Upset at Landlord Meeting!

This weeks Advertiser reported on developments, front page no less!

Advertiser front page 7th Feb 2014

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17 thoughts on “Upset at Landlord Meeting!

  1. The question you should be raising my fellow Annonymous spectator is how many of the people who are implementing the selective licensing of private renting housing own property? And how many of them even live in Rotherham? I rest my case!


  2. very well done advertiser for showing the rogue landlords up . for the past 4 years eastwood residents have been asking the rogue landlords to come and speak with residents , guess what , they dont turn up ! as soon as something like the landlord scheme is spoke about then all hell brakes loose these guys have a nerve. this lot only have them self to blame if 4 years ago they did something about there roma / slovak tenants then things could have been different go and TRY live in eastwood or ferham today … its a hell hole . this meeting police had to be called to calm the angry landlords down .are they fit to be called landlords ?


  3. Well said Ronnie.
    I am a resident of eastwood.
    There are 6 landlord who have properties in eastwood, wellgate, ferham and masborough one of the landlord is our own Jangir Akhtar.
    Majority of the others are individual taxi drivers as the proofs are in the photo and they are there to make numbers up.
    These landlord have them selves to blame.
    They have been collecting rent for the past 10 years and moved out of these areas into moorgate etc.
    Even taking cash in hand. Its time they had to pay back.
    I fully support the licence. The sooner the better.

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  4. It was interesting in Dinnington at yesterdays so called consultation, the police outnumbered the council staff. The only ones willing to talk to me about the licencing were the police who spoke strongly against it, so is it the council doing the consultation or the police. There was one Dinnington borough councillor there but she did a runner through the back door when she saw myself and my trusty companion Mr Lewis walk through the front door.
    Dave Smith


    • DAVE4DINNINGTON, this is very strange as the police inspector himself told me a other eastwood residents , get the landlords sorted and the problems will ease so why the police are against this in dinnington i dont know. to be honest i would say it will make syp job much better without these bad landlords with shocking residents .


  5. These are the cabinet members who made the decision to have selective licences within the borough of Rotherham.
    Councillor Janghir Akhtar
    Councillor Mahroof Hussain
    Councillor Stone
    Councillor Doyle
    Councillor Lakin
    Councillor Wyatt
    Councillor Smith
    Councillor Rushforth
    Councillor McNeely
    Councillor R. S. Russell
    All the cabinet members are Labour party members.
    The 2 of them are our own fellow muslim, Pakistani councillors who come around after 3 years and ask us for our votes.
    These are the ones who take our postal votes and post them themselves.
    These are the ones who refuse to attend any meetings with the landlords.
    These are the ones who turn around and say ITS CONFLICTS OF INTERESTS they cant talk to you.
    So why at the meeting Jan Khan Director of Yorkshire Accommodation Bureau said i have been speaking with Deputy leader Janghir Akhtar and his willing to speak to myself and another landlord only he refuses to meet anyone else.
    Who was Jan Khan representing Cllr Akhtar or the landlords. Was this message to the landlords that Akhtar is watching you.
    Janghir Akhtar is the biggest LANlord himself.
    My dear respected landlords and the residents of rotherham don’t trust the 4 self elected councillors from the asian community which includes Showkat Ali and Shabana Ahmed (to be AKHTAR) and not to forget the above elected cabinet members.
    Am not raciest because i am Muslim, British and Pakistani.


  6. It is quite obvious from reading all the comments on this subject both on this blog and in the press, there is an absolute need for some form of control over the Asian landlords in this Town. It is they who have brought the Eastwood area of Rotherham to its knees, a couple of our councillors being some of them who are responsible. Photos don’t lie, so don’t call me racist as all those in the photo in this weeks Advertiser are Asian and like all Asians who don’t like a particular law, the “have a meeting” – riot more like! I have seen it many times in Sheffield when taxi drivers rebel and don’t like any form of control over them.
    I love the comment from the Asian resident,”I am not racist because I am a Muslim” !!!. Really? It certainly isn’t my experience.


    • These are the same taxi drivers who are the supporters of Mahroof and Jangir and they attend to all the meetings.
      These same taxis drivers are the ones who go around election time for these low lifes on election days and force asain people out of there homes to vote for them.
      If any one refuses they advise them you will be dealt later.
      People need to remember that when it comes to ticking the box dont vote them.
      Play them at there own game.


      • ‘Seem’ being the operative word? They are not racist but are opinions, honestly expressed. You may not agree with them, that is your right, but don’t resort to cheap accusations of racism, as a substitute for reasoned debate


  7. No one has mentioned the fact that they are all ……………….. men.

    But seriously, there may be aspects of the proposed scheme that are flawed, but something needs to be done to address the problems that private landlords are causing in our communities (we all saw the photos of Eastwood posted a couple of weeks back). I applaud the Council for what it is trying to do with this scheme.

    I’d also like HMRC to come down heavy on this sector, because you can bet your bottom dollar that a lot of the rents are cash in hand that isn’t declared.


    • seen it at first hand , landlord pulls up outside his house, knocks on the door money is passed out landlord drives off to his next house !


    • I don’t think gender enters into it.

      One of the fixed requirements under these schemes is that all tenants have a written tenancy agreement. It is going to be hard to evade HMRC when there is one of those as documentation.


  8. Yes, you are right regular reader, that’s why these MEN are rioting in the street, they don’t like paying their taxes! Why do you think most of them are taxi drivers, it’s one of the best tax evading occupations there is and that is why they have the money for these ‘buy to let’ properties.


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