Upset in Ferham – Advertiser coverage!

This weeks Advertiser reported on the Ferham consultation event, that turned out rather badly:

Advertiser masthead 7th Feb 2014Advertiser frontpage 7th Feb 2014Advertiser page 4 1 7th Feb 2014Advertiser page 4 2 7th Feb 2014

6 thoughts on “Upset in Ferham – Advertiser coverage!

  1. Buy to let properties always ruin residential areas, what any residential street needs is a large proportion of owner occupiers as this means the people living there have a long term commitment to the area and have made a personal investment in the street.
    I would tax private land lords to extinction, one person one house as far as I’m concerned.


  2. as anyone will tell you form eastwood a ferham , the asian people who lived in these area’s years ago , fetched there children up in these area’a have now left for a better area , ie broom valley ,moorgate the picture on the front of the advertiser just shows what we are up against , someone said , the bulk in the picture are taxi drivers well i can tell you that in eastwood on a certain st the rents are collected by a asian guy driver a taxi ! yes most are taxis driver with a few house’s to rent as well .


  3. Regardless of the merits of the system, why has the cabinet member for neighbourhoods, Rose Macneeley, left it to council officers to defend the scheme that presumably she decided should be introduced. Perhaps it was the officers that made the decision and Rose is just a puppet because of her very limited ability.


    • Peter I agree with you pal.
      Your a top guy, keep up the effort will come and shake your hand I agree with you peter what you wrote.
      Why has Rose Mcneally left it to the council to sort it out


    • Peter Thirlwall you are a well respected member of the community of Rotherham.
      When you left labour it was there loss.
      Why dont you stand as an Independant councillor in West ward masborough and Irene Furnall Bostan ward round 2 for Ms Furnell V Mcneely. The community as a whole need you.
      You are Mr Rotherham.


  4. I couldn’t agree more Love D. Having been the victim of a buy to let landlord renting the house next door to a piece of scum, my wife and I were forced to sell up and leave after 32 years living there. The only way to get rid of these parasites is to tax them to extinction as you say.


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