Licensing session cancelled!

15 thoughts on “Licensing session cancelled!

    • ‘Rentamob’ tactics are part of Jahangir Akhtar’s MO. Did it work a little too well on this occasion?

      Certainly made it difficult for Rose McNeeley and RMBC to back down now, without appearing to give into intimidation?


    • Councillor “Asbo” Janghir Akhtar and “duck and Dive” Mahroof Hussain.
      “One town one community” has hold over Rotherham on everything.


  1. I think Ronnie is right, it probably is as a result of mob rule or is it (The 2 most dangerous words used in RMBC Labour Groups lingo), Community Cohesion? It’s time we had some councillors who will stand up to these people who have corrupted the political scene in this Borough for decades.


  2. Asbo, Masbrough. Ali, Eastwood. Hussain Canklow. Asbo and Ali are Landords of rental properties, though I’m not sure about Hussain, though he does own Sabirs take away in Westgate.
    The question that intrigues me and should also HM Revenue & Customs is that as many of these Landords are taxi drivers who earn not much more than minimum wage how can they find the means to own several properties? Many of these people are loathe to work PAYE, for being self employed means they can under declare their income and any VAT!


  3. ive got a bad feeling that Rmbc will buckle to the angry landlords , just like sheffield council did at page hall, a watered down version .


    • They were not primarily landlords were they, but a ‘rentamob’!
      There on behalf of others, who made sure they were not present, to be associated with the ugly scenes that followed!
      Can’t help wondering what might be the situation now, if wiser councils had prevailed?
      Shouting, hurling abuse and insults at Council Officers, is hardly conducive to reasoned discussion, which should have been what occurred at these sessions?


  4. You are absolutely right about the disgraceful behaviour of some people at the Ferham consultation. Whatever the merits or otherwise of the proposal shouting abuse at council officers who are just doing their job is counter productive in a democratic society. These people have definitely not done their cause any good.


      • Hardly peaceful, when any demonstration would very likely be seen as intimidatory by Councillors. This would be resented and support for those opposing the proposals will evaporate! Not the brightest of ideas, I would have thought?


  5. Rentamob in action.
    So predicable that when RMBC attempt to get a grip on so called landlords they back down in the face of damaging community cohesion.
    Grow some RMBC and stand up to these thugs, enough is enough.
    Tax payers money is being shelled out to these landlords, we should know if they are paying the tax on their income.
    Will Cllr Akhtar ask HMRC to review the tax arrangements of these landlords?


  6. I fully agree with you Rothpol. After all what would they be demonstrating about ? As I understand it, a consultation is taking place throughout the areas effected and upon its completion an anylysis will be made on the responses, after which recomendations will be made to the Council as to weather the scheme should be implemented or if any changes should be made in light of the responses.

    I am led to believe the reason the last few sessions were canceled was because there was the same vocal and rowdy group attending all the previous events who were making it difficult for the local residents to give their views.

    I don’t have any particular views either way on the scheme but I do have strong views that we can’t allow mob rule to influence the decision making process.


  7. steve h , if you lived in eastwood or ferham you would have a very strong view on the matter , when locals had meetings with rmbc last year and this year , they where told to have respect for the council, pity angry landlords did not show respect .


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