News on demolition of Doncaster Gate

Rotherham Business News brings us details of the demolition of Doncaster Gate Hospital:

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News: Demolition for Doncaster Gate


Rotherham Council expects that demolition will commence at the historic former Doncaster Gate Hospital in Rotherham within the next few weeks.

In October, Rotherham Council’s cabinet approved plans to demolish Rotherham’s first purpose-built hospital, which is in its ownership, in a bid to save costs and attract a greater interest in the opportunities for development of the site. Read on…..

17 thoughts on “News on demolition of Doncaster Gate

    • There was a group set up to save the old, historic Masbrough Independent Chapel after the Asian furniture business that was using it failed, it mysteriously caught fire – twice- as did the nearby shop on the corner of Albert Street and Khannies restaurant on College Road. It’s now a heap of rubble! Pity it’s not Asian owned as it could perhaps also mysteriously catch fire and save the cost of demolition!


  1. The only way forward or Doncaster Gate Hospital to be saved was a viable business plan to be put in place or for a judicial review to be served both of which needs money and time which the group don’t have. An appeal for funds bought some pledges but not enough for preliminary work to be done. The big hope was for the investor to work with the group but unfortunately he pulled out.
    As for Masbrough Chapel, that suffered years of neglect by the council who never once protected its listed status and the church commissioners who sold off the graveyard as well.


  2. Sorry RR. I got blown off topic, but whilst the points I made may be irrelevant to the topic, they are points based on facts, not speculation.


    • Mal – I don’t see the relevance of the 2 “Asian businesses” catching fire adding anything to this debate apart from exposing your irrational assumption that all Asians are either corrupt or criminal. It’s a good job there weren’t many Asians around during the great fire of London otherwise we know who you would be blaming.


      • Steve H: You asked if there was a group set up to save this building, I made the valid point that there was a group of longstanding that tried to save the equally historic Masbrough Independent chapel much good it did them! Go and look at it now, it’s like a bomb site and there are people’s graves underneath it! If Roger Stone and his cronies had to look at it every day like some of the local residents do something would be done very quickly. There weren’t as you say two, but three “failed “Asian businesses that were set on fire within a hundred yards on College Road.The verdict of the Fire Service was that one was deliberate and the other two were very suspicious! Of course all Asians aren’t criminals, I did not say that! But all the countries on the Asian subcontinent are riddled with corruption and many Asians have brought that corruption here.The list is very long indeed on the corrupt practices they have indulged in here. Just one example: we are going to have to change our voting system because of their corrupt practices!


      • Mal,
        ” But all the countries on the Asian subcontinent are riddled with corruption and many Asians have brought that corruption here.” .
        If, as I would assume, you are referring to the Indian subcontinent/South Asia subcontinent then, you are way off mark. In terms of corruption – none of its countries come particularly high-up in the standard index of corruption.


  3. R/R: I’m way off the mark! How you make that out I do not know? Firstly the index you quote is “perceptions of corruption” not certainties. But even so, out of 175 countries listed it gives Sri Lanka 91st, India 94th, Pakistan 127th and Bangladesh 136th!!! Even by your perceptions as an apologist for them, how you come to say I’m way off the mark is astonishing! As the UK is a disappointing 14th they have a hell of a long way to improve catch up with us! There is none so blind as those who will not see!


  4. Hi as an Asian can I say that although malcontent’s views may be seen as extreme and may be hijacked by an extremist agenda, they are views that are shared by many in the Asian community.

    Each community has its issues and fraud/taking advantage of the system seems to be fairly common among some Asians. Having said that there are many of us that are absolutely horrified that people could even consider doing something like that and further as Muslims we believe that their lying and cheating will be punished severely in the Hereafter.


    • I fail to see how it can be construed as extremist to simply state facts. The cases I quoted were facts not opinions or speculation. It should be remembered that the insurance companies that have to pay out for fraudulent claims don’t lose. It’s the public that has to pay for them in increased premiums!


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