John Poulson – now there’s a story?

I am researching John Poulson, the Pontefract-based architect who was jailed in March 1974 for corruption. It was estimated that at least 21 local authorities had been drawn into his web of corruption as he bribed councillors and officers to get his proposed developments accepted and we know that elected members and officers in South Yorkshire were approached. A Mexborough councillor was sent to jail for succumbing to Poulson.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has an intimate knowledge of who he approached in South Yorkshire and why. I am also very interested in knowing more about a promotional film shown in the late 1960s/early 1970s at Rotherham Labour Club which promoted the work of the former leader of Newcastle City Council, T Dan Smith. He was also jailed for corruption in 1974 . Does anyone know who arranged for that film to be shown in Rotherham?

Any help at all with my research would be gratefully appreciated and although I think it would benefit everyone by respondents using this excellent website to open up the discussion, I appreciate that some may feel they don’t wish to go public. If they wish to contact me direct, my e-mail address is:

Paul Humphries
Northern Stories

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