The Tablet – Denis looking for absolution?

The Catholic weekly, The Tablet, features an article penned by Denis MacShane:

Tablet MacShaneCan’t help but be surprised at the Tablet’s keenness to provide space to this convicted fraudster?

Perhaps even more surprising when you consider his recent relationships, that cannot be approved of by the Catholic Church nor his atheism, for that matter. Any port in a storm, I suppose, but Denis is seriously taking the mickey here. Will no one else publish his views, I wonder?

3 thoughts on “The Tablet – Denis looking for absolution?

  1. It’s a crime that McShame wasn’t made to do his full term……….he might have achieved a full conversion to the faith, become a monk and disappeared forever.


  2. Is there no end to this disgraceful man’s posturing and preaching despite his conviction and ridiculously short prison sentence ? He must truly believe that he is not only above the law but that his ‘punishment’ was unecessarily harsh. They confiscated his suitcase of books and left him for 23hrs a day without them ? Good grief, such barbarism ! I understand that the British justice system is intended to rehabilitate. Macshane is another instance of this not happening at all and it seems that in fact he thinks of himself as more morally superior than before. God (if there is one) help us.


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