South Yorkshire Digital Region closure looming!


thinkbroadband seem to have broken this tale of the disaster that Digital Region has become:

South Yorkshire Digital Region closure looming  has become
Tuesday 18 February 2014 10:30:14 by Andrew Ferguson

Users of the Digital Region network in South Yorkshire appear to have been given a soft closure date of 15th May 2014. At least that is what Chess Telecom are telling their customers, the other operators using the network may use slightly different dates, particularly as it is believed that connections will operate for a further three months from that date.

The problem for some Digital Region customers is that there is not always a superfast broadband alternative available, meaning some will have the joy of returning to ADSL or ADSL2+ based services. Migration to an ADSL2+ based service is easy enough, since a MAC can be used, but as far as we are aware no changes have happened to allow a DR to Openreach FTTC migration, without the slightly painful cease and provide route. Read on..

Another link to the quite wonderful RothBiz website on the same subject:

News: Councils set to intervene in South Yorkshire’s broadband network again

Grateful to our spotter for this. If any reader has been keeping count of the money wasted, Rothpol would like to hear from you?

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