Team Rotherham fighting the Cuts?

Akhtar is unhappy that both Tory and UKIP (let’s call them TUKIP) Councillors aren’t helping  Labour figure out where cuts can be made.  He’s so pleased with this deep political insight that he talked the Tiser into printing his thoughts twice (NB Maybe reports that the Tiser editor’s wife now works for the Labour Party are true.)

Meanwhile Roger is banging on about how we’re all in it together & how we all need to work together to stave off these wicked threats together; He’s consulting about cuts, seeking ideas from the public, listening to what you think etc etc…..calling upon Rotherham’s equivalent to the blitz spirit to carry us through.

Given that he’s rarely in Rotherham it’s hard to figure out how we can do anything together…or maybe he’s taking us all to Romania for bit of a break? A bit of sunshine anyone?

So after 40 odd years of total political domination, the abuse of democratic openness and the reduction of our Town image to that of “Child Sex Abuse Capital” the local Labour party appear to be asking us our thoughts?

And somewhat laughably accusing an opposition, who for 40 years they deliberately kept in the dark and ridiculed, of failing to contribute ideas as to how to help them get out of their current mess?

What does all this tell us:

*Could be that we really are in the ordure when even they are asking for others opinion?

No, no no, silly you.  We are in the ordure but Hell will freeze over before these two take any notice of what we think.

This is an election year and they are having to work out how they will con us into forgetting the mess they’ve got us into. Suddenly your vote (oooops, opinion) is of value, and sad as they are the opposition need a kicking- something Akhtar is really good at).

Akhtar (who even his own party hope he gets kicked out, because they’re too frit to do it themselves) is worried about his seat and decided the Party needs a Campaign Communications Strategy to help his Campaigns Officer – note use of the term “his”.

The first problem was convincing Roger the Dodger to say something at all. However after a lengthy séance he was finally contacted and tactics agreed:

The minutes read:

Blame the Tories

Blame UKIP

Blame the Officers

Put a smokescreen over the Costs of having Councillors & their perks while closing Children’s Units by running a phony public consultation scheme( Cllr Wyatt was thanked for this thoughts).

Make sure the inquiry into child sexual exploitation doesn’t report until after the election (then   blame the officers).

Appoint Akhtar as LP head of Communications, albeit with girlfriend acting as a soft front to make it more cuddly.

Focus on the wonderful Akhtar in order to get him elected and prepare the world for his becoming leader in 2015. Point out his strengths as a part time Muslim (religious in Rotherham, but elsewhere… let the good time roll.)

Don’t tell electorate that a vote for Akhtar this year is a vote for a convicted violent offender to be leader of the Council in 2015.

Disguise the recently purchased Audi Limos for Councillors as grass cutting machines and don’t wash them—sack those staff who would normally wash them.

Am I wrong? welllll…if Rogers Consultation scheme ever puts the following question I will apologise:

“Would you rather retain 13 Child Care support units OR remove 30% of Councillors, reduce the remainders remuneration by 10% and sell of the Audi Limos”

The answer is why you will never be asked the question.


14 thoughts on “Team Rotherham fighting the Cuts?

  1. Demonstrative leadership is needed. If you are going to bang the “we’re all in it together” drum then you had better make sacrifices yourself or people will see straight through you. The Audi could go in double quick time and even though reducing the amount of councillors takes time (through the Electoral Commission) the process could at least be started. If not it is clear that “we’re all in it together” is mere hollow posturing.
    Rob Sanderson,
    UK Independence Party candidate,
    Swinton ward.


  2. Roger says in Star yesterday
    “It’s an era where our main role will be helping people to become more self-reliant rather than us doing things on their behalf.”

    Well if that’s the case I am sure we don’t need Councillors to show us how to be self reliant therefore we don’t need any of em !

    Sanctimonious patronising pig !


    • No certainly not as the Unity Centre and REMA charity, have provided endless opportunities to enrich both Akhtar family members and friends!
      A cash cow as valuable as this, will not be relinquished at the first sign of trouble, you can be sure about that! The scandal uncovered in 2012, concerning Azizzum, Tanveer employees both of the Unity Centre, found to have simply given their jobs by their dad without any selection having taken place! This exposure barely made him stop to draw breath, despite it being a ‘hanging offence’ anywhere else.
      This is Rotherham, the ‘cover-up capital!


  3. I do hope the Advertiser gives Cllr Vines the opportunity to set the record straight, he could start by letting the readers know how he gave part of his allowance towards Rawmarsh based community initiatives.
    The list could go on and on and all very positive.
    Cllr Vine lay down the challenge to ASBO to donate his allowances to say a HIV charity, or a charity promoting gay rights in Rotherham.
    Let’s see how the conviction politician responds to that.


    • Would be tax deductible too, I shouldn’t wonder? Might help when HMRC takes a close interest in the Akhtar families financial affairs?


      • ‘Living beyond their (visible) means’, one of Akhtars favourite sayings. Seems so applicable in his own families case, BMW and Porsche cars do not come cheap? Nor their property empire for that matter? HMRC would be interested in all their tax affairs especially the income that remains undeclared, I expect.


      • I recall that Al Capone was caught out and imprisoned for his tax evasion! Could this be Akhtar’s Achilles Heel? It certainly might be!


    • Cllr Ali is not going round telling his supporters that he will be Council Leader come May!

      Akhtar is doing just that.

      Roger Stone and the Labour Group are making themselves look foolish over one man with ‘feet of clay’!

      Just how many ways can one person bring the Labour Party into disrepute, before they deal with them? An infinite number, if experience is anything to go by?

      Akhtar is up for election this year in Rotherham West and it is far from certain that he can win this seat for Labour. One thing is for sure from the polling evidence, for Labour to be anyway optimistic of winning Rotherham West Ward, they need a replacement candidate!

      The electorate of Rotherham West is preparing to vote him out, should Labour really take the mickey and run Jahangir Akhtar as their candidate. Additionally, Labour will lose other seats as well, as a direct consequence of their display of arrogance!


  4. For Akhtar to be re-elected may also require a little creative voting. But I’m sure UKIP will be studying the electoral roll.



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