Polling Fraud: Rotherham Needs Help from Respect

“50% of those convicted for electoral fraud since 2000 have been of Pakistan, Kashmiri or Bangladesh origin, although these communities make up only 2% of the UK population.

The total number of cases is relatively few, however most party organisers in the inner cities & industrial towns will admit to at some time experiencing party activists and councillors bringing in shoe boxes brimming with postal votes. It has long been one of those activities talked about by the news & political intelligentsia, though they tend to get outraged & cry racism whenever it breaks in the more popular press.

The Kashmiri/Pakistani Biraderi (think Clans) leaders are both key organisers in terms of determining Party nominations & then whipping the vote in.

Postal Voting is the preferred method for fraud as it can be fixed in bulk & the votes can actually be filled in the presence of the fixer; they may even apply the cross themselves.

Postal votes don’t give you a secret ballot. The privacy of your own home doesn’t match that of the voting booth when your husband or father is looking over your shoulder? Or if you sign the form, but have to hand it over to him to cast the vote?

Richard Mawrey QC, presiding over an election court, found six British Asian Labour councillors from Birmingham guilty of corruption that would, he said, “disgrace a banana republic”. He declared that the Government’s introduction of postal voting on demand was “an open invitation to fraud”.

There may be some who believe that we should look with understanding upon the political & social traditions of the Pakistan/Kashmiri community, refusing to see that due to the  male dominated & misogynistic nature of the Biraderi women are the major victims.

An article in the Independent by Mary Anne Sieghert (16//2012) includes an interview with a young British Asian woman. “British Asian politicians in Blackburn (and they’re almost all Labour)”, she said “had imported practices from Pakistan and India. Some did favours in return for votes. Some were sexist. They didn’t have the interests of the whole community at heart. Worst of all, they put serious pressure on British Asian women to vote for them”.

“Has anyone ever asked you to fill in a postal vote or to give them your postal vote so they can fill it in for you?” I asked. “I think that’s common practice in Blackburn, if I’m being honest,” she said. Had it happened to her? “Yes.” For more go to  http://goo.gl/e8tCXf.

A quick search of the Rothpol back stories will show there are plenty in Rotherham who can attest to bullying & intimidation.

Rotherham was not recently named by the Electoral Commission as one of the towns where they are keeping a special eye out for potential election fraud by Asian politicians. However further scrutiny of their selection suggests that resources and historic complaints about fraud determined the list. The reality is that most cases go unreported and any list was bound to be merely a sample.

Councillor or Party activists in Rotherham know that here an  election result is already determined by the date postal voting ends. Reflecting the large number of postal votes submitted as a percentage of the total.

There are a number of techniques for identifying potential fraud hot spots, though only a smaller number for identifying fraud itself.
For the moment all Parties must scrutinise the Electoral Rolls that they are entitled to, and take particular heed of houses with multi occupation owned by private landlords. A quick visit to find if they even know they have a vote might lead to interesting findings.

We also need Respect to be the party of honesty that it claims. Realistically most of Pakistani/Kashmiri origin will not talk to the Police or the white community about fraud. Being frank we probably haven’t earned such trust.

However Respect can be a party to rally young people, break down the power of the Biraderi & cycle of corruption that blights their community.

Akhtar fears & hates them because they know how it all works..”


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6 thoughts on “Polling Fraud: Rotherham Needs Help from Respect

  1. I am of a Britah/Pakistani. Unfortunately it a fact the most vote fiddlers are of Asian origin and I find this very upsetting . Rotherham is no exception. I have been hearing that this happened right from the first Asian contesting the Local elections to the last one. The authorities ie electoral commission and police must also take some blame for not taking any steps to prevent this happening. Even more worrying is that it will happen again and nothing will be done to stop. With present PCC and his cronies In charge there is no hope of putting any thing right. Very sad and worrying for this once a good town


  2. Thanks for that Abdul. All of the good people in both communities need to work on this .

    It is not an issue of Asian Vs European. It is one of Good Vs Bad.



  3. It serves no good for the “whole community” when the outcome of an election is perceived to be rigged – the victor is viewed with contempt as having side-stepped democracy and stolen the result!. Wonder what Shaun Wright’s take on this very important issue is?


  4. Seeing as the PCC was elected on a “rigged” vote, nothing will be done there. Most of our councillors were elected on a “rigged” vote, so nothing will be done there. As most Asian people will not speak to the police because of fear, not of the police, I believe, but from their own people who threaten them if they do, so nothing can be done there. Therefore fraudulent voting by the Asian community and others in Rotherham will continue until the law is changed. Postal voting should be allowed only for those who CANNOT attend a poling station due to disability, and this should have to be proved before a postal vote is allocated to them.
    Don’t forget, all votes should be scrutinised by the Returning Officer for the election and in the case of Rotherham, the Returning Officer is no other than Martin Kimber. Enough said!!!


  5. I can’t see why I shouldn’t vote online, it makes more sense. I am happy enough to do my banking online. That our government allowed uncontrolled immigration, without enough checks is the issue.


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