Gird up thy loins?

“As I read about Halal meat & Brinsworth school , watching the left and right get equally heated I keep repressing this awful urge to laugh.

So they debate the concepts of racism & political correctness…on and on and on..and yet I feel they miss the obvious.

I’ve been around Rotherham & South Yorkshire politics and councils for years. I’m a bit of a leftie and yeah some might say a bit PC.  Certainly I can point to a proud record of fighting racism and fascism, having battled the extreme right politically and occasionally confrontationally. I’ve had a thump or two for my principles.

But I will say one thing though, hand on heart and tell you no lie; Politically Correct officers and Councillors are as rare as Rocking Horse dung in Rotherham.

What few there are tend to go to Sheffield for their kicks as being PC is Rotherham is a very lonely activity.

No. The Labour Party in power here has no political principles worthy of the name. While still a member I have heard more misogynistic statements, seen more threats to women & heard more racist comments than even their opponents could deem credible.

Now, I can’t claim to know the full truth about the Halal meat decision but I can make better guesses than any I’ve read so far.

They are:

* If in doubt about Rotherham Council decisions “Follow the money”. Or as Poirot might say who potentially benefitted from this decision? While here we are looking at one school we must remember that school supply contracts are worth a fortune and Halal may mean religion to some, but equally means competitive advantage to others.

* Ignore the hapless Ron Parry. Think about it, have you ever heard of a Principle Catering Officer making Chief Executive?  Principle Catering officers rarely lead a revolution, in eating or otherwise. Sorry Ron, but this has all the hallmarks of the political lean. I stand to be corrected if you deny it, but there has to be a question of public interest here?

On a completely different subject, ever wondered where our Muslim Councillors get their meat from? Perhaps they get tip-offs as to the cheapest from their chums in the Border Agency?”


1 thought on “Gird up thy loins?

  1. Well i wanted to say something similar but I had no evidence. Now this post has got a little nearer to truth I am of the opinion that all this ‘halal ‘ business has little to do with the religion but personal benefits. This how council been operating for many years similar to the Hospital car park, the help for poor families at Christmas etc? the question is HOW CAN WE PUT THIS RIGHT? Only thing that Comes to my mind is VOTE ANY ONE BUT LABOUR.


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