Councillors pensions to be axed!

The Daily Mail brings us news of another ‘scam’ being brought to an end:

End of the pensions ‘gravy train’ for councillors: Axing officials’ perk to save taxpayers £7million a year 

  • More than 4,500 qualify for guaranteed pensions based on their allowances
  • Policy was the ‘bad news’ a Labour spin doctor wanted to ‘bury’ after 9/11
  • Ministers claim allowances have become a form of salary – with state-funded pensions a lucrative new perk
  • The town hall pensions are now being abolished – saving £7m a year


By James Chapman


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3 thoughts on “Councillors pensions to be axed!

  1. Existing Councillors will be terminated from the gravy-train scheme as soon as their existing four-year term of office ends. Good news if only in that this will mean part of Asbo’s long list of claims and allowances will diminish in May!


  2. Wanting to be a councillor was regarded as a noble gesture, someone who wanted to serve their community without reward. Claiming £1000’s for doing they job they were elected to do plus lucrative ‘extras’ for being a member of one or more committees should stop. Let councillors claim legitimate travel expenses provided they can supply a valid receipt. I think the going rate is 40p/mile, this is more than enough
    Furthermore why not cut Chief Executives salaries by 50% as well? Peter Davis-English Democrat Mayor of Doncaster-cut his salary by 50% and scrapped the mayoral cars.
    If councillors want a decent pension to top up the state pension make them contribute to a private pension fund as most of us have/had to. IIRC 25%(?) of council taxes in Rotherham go to the councillors pension fund.
    Time for change.


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