John Healey on the UKIP threat

Today’s Independent carries this interesting piece from John Healey on the UKIP threat:

We’re too complacent about Ukip threat, warns senior Labour MP John Healey

A senior Labour MP has warned that the party is being too complacent about the threat to its electoral prospects from the UK Independence Party.

John Healey, the former Housing Minister and shadow Health Secretary, told The Independent that Labour could face a “crisis of confidence”  if Nigel Farage’s  party makes big gains in the local authority elections in May. He said his party was not taking Ukip “seriously enough.” Read on…

6 thoughts on “John Healey on the UKIP threat

    • …and when Rotherham UKIP can put forward 21 men and women of the upmost honesty and integrity to contest the May elections, all concerned citizens of the borough with no ties of allegiance to Rotherham Labour group whatsoever.
      Rob Sanderson,
      UK Independence Party candidate,
      Swinton ward.


  1. After last year’s shattering blow to Labour when the voters of Rawmarsh decided to elect an honest councillor the Labour party has been in denial. John Healey is right to warn the Labour party about UKIP, after all UKIP gained 154 councillors last year and although some of the UKIP councillors have not acquitted themselves well it is a matter of record and history UKIP can break the mould that is Labour.
    Rotherham’s controlling Labour group have nothing to boast about, our town is suffocating under massive debts as the result of Labour’s economic incompetence and misfeasance in public office.
    Not a week goes by without local newspapers reporting one or more Labour follies and/or vanity projects that local residents are forced to bankroll.
    John Healey is possibly the only Labour MP who realises the Labour party is going to get severely spanked by electors who will vote for UKIP in May’s elections.


  2. New Labour takes it core voters for granted, UKIP offers an alternative for disenfranchised Labour voters, the antics of RMBC elected members, the decline in the infrastructure across the borough, the increase in migrants, wasteful spending on slap up meals, executive cars for the leader, PC halal meat policies all undermine the appeal of Labour.

    I do hope UKIP does well and wipes the smug smile off a number of Labour cllrs.


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