That Letter!

There is in this weeks Advertiser, a response to last weeks letter from Caven Vines, the UKIP Councillor, representing Rawmarsh ward.

Somehow having difficulty with believing that Jahangir Akhtar actually authored this letter:

Akhtar Letter

14 thoughts on “That Letter!

  1. Whoever authored this letter, it reads like it was written by a sulky child. Where are the men and women of wisdom and gravitas that the good people of Rotherham need and deserve? Not at the top of the local Labour Party it would appear. The politics of the playground… now with added exclamation marks!!!!!!!

    (And as a non-UKIP voter, at least Cllr Vines is asking the uncomfortable questions rather than mindlessly rubber-stamping for his masters. For this alone, he deserves respect.)


    • Got to hand it to Cllr Vines, he knows how to upset Akhtar!
      Akhtar acts more like a child, most of the time.
      How did another unsuitable Deputy Leader, emerge in Rotherham? We should be told!


      • Jules it is Quite easy to see how! the of best of ill informed, careless ,useless labour. Can you Imagine the worst of this clan? I hope the Rotherham voters understand this and not return these clowns to save our TOWN .


  2. Hope no staff time was expended, on what is simply a political response? The officers wouldn’t do that, would they? Clearly a breach of their codes of conduct then.


  3. Akhtar is reading from a prepared hymn sheet. This attempt at an explanation is far too convoluted for him to have figured out on his own. Give the independent Councillor the same resources as Akhtar has had to draw up this pathetic response and then we can compare them!. He states £650million has been spent on enhancing the town’s infrastructure, when the town is crumbling in front of our eyes. If the electorate return Labour in May and they keep up their past neglect and mismanagement of the town (whilst the council leader flies around Europe on a pretext) it will not be long before we are on par with the third world and have some of their barbaric practices that have been allowed to be brought from there!


  4. More of the usual lies and spin from Akhtar.
    The front page of Friday’s ‘Advertiser’ has the headline story concerning RMBC’s £488 million debt, not the £248 million fairy tale told by I-can’t-do-simple-sums Akhtar. He also forgot to mention the sum of £8.15 million in debt interest repayments.
    Who should we believe, a councillor with a conviction for affray who is also a known control freak, or the council spokesperson who confirms the ‘Advertiser’ story?
    Note to Akhtar: Engage brain before opening mouth.


    • Actually Anne the rules for this year are:
      The council tax referendum principles for 2014-15 provided:
      – A referendum is to be held if council tax was increased by 2% or more by local
      authorities, Police and Crime Commissioners, and fire and rescue authorities;
      – A referendum is to be held if the GLA increases the amount of council tax which it
      applies to the City of London by more than 0%;
      – No principles to be set for parish and town councils
      There is a recent list of known rises here :


  5. Leader designate Akhtar is well out of his depth when it comes to numbers, smoke and mirrors comes to mind.
    Cavan Vines must be really getting under his skin.

    Roll on the local elections and fingers crossed we can wave our very own conviction politician goodbye.


    • I’d love to believe you are right but until postal voting is brought under proper control and monitored people like Akhtar and his cronies will manipulate the voting system and ensure he cannot lose.
      He probably already knows the results and the percentage of votes in his favour.
      Free and fair democratic elections Rotherham style.


  6. Absolutely right Colin and don’t forget, this manipulation (to put it politely) of the postal votes can only be achieved with the co-operation of the Returning Officer, Martin Kimber! That man cannot be trusted any further than I can spit.


  7. Jahangir has missed an opportunity with his letter, to put forward Rotherham Labour’s vision and policies. They have neither to put forward, just the constant refrain, blame it on the nasty Tories!
    Self serving councillors, relying on the ignorance of voters, nothing new there then!


  8. A case of more words less impact?
    Akhtar missed his target and makes himself look foolish at the same time?
    He should have heeded his own rigidly imposed ban on labour group members going public!


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