Ship of fools?

This weeks edition of the Rotherham Advertiser, takes Rotherham Council to task on the debt issue.

This eye watering debt mountain, will become much more onerous for us to bear, when interest rates rise towards 5% over the next few years!

If Rotherham was a country, our debt mountain would be somewhere between Greece and Ukraine’s. Little wonder then, it has been concealed from us?

Rotherham’s citizens will be paying the price for this monumental folly for years to come, so long, that my grandchildren will still be paying for it, long after the current leadership is gone and forgotten.

This is the Advertisers take:

Debt 1Debt 2Debt 3

6 thoughts on “Ship of fools?

  1. Voters Is it time to wake up and not vote these clowns other wise our great great great children will be paying for these debts being incurred by mismanagement, greed and sleaze by these labour clowns


  2. This thread exposes the lies Akhtar wrote in his letter to the ‘Advertiser’. £488 million is Rotherham’s total debt not £248 million as written by Akhtar. How is it the Deputy Leader of RMBC does not know/will not say the true scale of the debt he and his Labour party cronies have wracked up? A monumental amount of money which cannot be repaid unless further cuts in services, and increases in Rents and Council Tax are implemented. These debts have been accrued with the full knowledge and co-operation of Borough councillors Burton and Dalton amongst others. Burton
    claimed at an Anston Parish Council meeting last year when questioned about lack of spending on our local paths and roads “It’s the cuts”, she quickly backtracked when I pointed out to her the roads and paths had been crumbling since 2008. She is a complete waste of space.
    Akhtar who seeks the leadership of RMBC is, like all Labour councillors very fond of trotting out his favourite soundbite’; “Blame the government. It’s their fault we have to make cuts”. No doubt about it, Akhtar and Gordon Brown have the same approach to taxpayers money ie: It’s not ours so we can spend it how we choose.
    Time for change.


  3. Reblogged this on maltbyblogger and commented:
    Good to see the Advertiser giving the facts of the whole sorry, sordid situation of RMBC. If voters still have not woken up to how bad this is we might as well give up all hope of a decent future for Rotherham.


    • While ever Rotherham continues to vote year in year out for the present set of incompetents sponsored under the Labour Party banner nothing will change. This town has fallen so far economically and is now so deep in debt there is no way back. If it was a business it would have gone bust years ago and the directors charged with trading while insolvent. However a business would not exist with 66 directors on the board unlike RMBC.


  4. I understand there was a positive surplus on the accounts when RMBC took over from Kiveton rural district. Since that time we have lost services, facilities and pay more in real terms. There is only one answer, split RMBC into the units prior to 1975.


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