Sitwell Labour Out Campaigning

The right way up this time. Those present are a pretty motley crew and make no mistake.

SitwellThought it might be interesting if we were made aware of these members identities, a pattern seems to be emerging? This is where readers come in? If you can identify any of the below let us know, either leave a comment or email it in to Rothpol.

Left to right:

Kath Sims
Tajamal Khan
Dominic Beck
Ann Russell
Shaukat Ali
Jahangir Akhtar
Ian Barron
Unknown Female
Shabana Ahmed

11 thoughts on “Sitwell Labour Out Campaigning

  1. I see Akhtar is always in the lead is he getting worried I wonder I hope so because he should be very worried about is own ward seat


  2. I met Bernard Froggatt yesterday, him and his wife were delivering UKIP flyers on the street. It’s I no brainer that I will vote for Bernard, versus the alternative of Jo Burton and her Labour policies.


  3. Regular reader. To start with I thought Bernard was nothing more than a paper candidate, but that is not the case now. I have seen Bernard taking action behind the scenes and there is a lot of support for him from the Independents in Anston. That Bernard is currently walking around and delivering his own flyers, means that he is looking to put something back into Anston and get out and talk to people. I wait with a sharp intake of breathe for Jo Burton to do the same. Yes the UKIP flyer talks mainly about the borough and the half a billion pound debt Labour have accrued, but it is a massive issue to resolve. I cann’t see much in a local flyer Bernard has produced, that will translate into benefits for Anston. I am having to take a view on the longer term, if we lost further greenbelt to mass immigration. But at the end of the day, if all that UKIP brought about was legally blinding swiss referendums, say 5 a year, that is a lot more power to the people and I would be extremely happy on that. Cheers Tim


    • it would be good if someone could get Rothpol a JPG of that flyer , so we can all see it here,
      A UKIP candidate winning in Aston is not likely to change UK immigration policy or bring in Swiss-style national referendums (or even Californian-style Initiatives).


    • Thanks TIme! I realise now that I’ve seen it before.
      These is nothing I couldn’t vote for on the first page (except the bit against fortnightly bin collections ).
      Much of page 2 I disagree with – some of it just doesn’t fit the facts as I see them.
      And look, if we are going to leave the EU can we please wait until my grandchildren have both been thu’ University – the Dutch ones are just as good as good as ours and cost far far less!
      What is the big deal about alternate weekly bin collections?
      It is surely not EU-mandated , otherwise Pickles wouldn’t be able to bring back weekly collections?
      The Rotherham version only arrives in my local area next month, and whilst I don’t like the way the Rotherham version is implemented – garden green refuse one week, all other refuse the other week + blue box/blue bag for some recyclables (…and a different system in Winter months), I can live with it. (it would for example be far better for instance to provide a small bin just for food waste – with a weekly collection – as they do in Elmbridge for example).
      In most of the EU countries I know, you either buy stickers to stick on each bag or buy specially marked bags, it’s the same in Switzerland; and in Lewisham it’s £1 a bag for any garden waste. In the town I lived in Switzerland, the council gave a group of us land for a community food waste-to-compost scheme – we made it into a fun thing and it was incredibly popular!
      Acorns make Mighty Oaks very very slowly, they are very experienced at doing it but often fail to even take root.


  4. Regular reader. Much of the costs on page 1, are caused by EU legislation and far too great a reliance on the government for help. Work should pay and I would propose a minimum wage of £10 a hour, but people have to take responsibility for their own life and not expect others to fund it. A long of people don’t seem to understand the concept of cause and effect, due to the slow motion nature of it. Cheers Tim


  5. Tim,
    Tim, nothing on that first page is “caused by EU legislation / nor as far as I can see is it caused by too great a reliance on government for help” – whatever that means.
    Read it again, it’s here:

    Increased Debt / PFI – hardly an EU matter
    Higher Council Tax – hardly an EU matter
    Mayor and his car – hardly an EU matter
    Councillor Officer Salaries – hardly an EU matter
    Only when we get down to the “EU policy on fortnightly bin collections” does move into an area where the EU might be seen to be involved in the policy because of the 1999 Landfill Directive.
    But Eric Pickles’ Ministry separated the recyclable facts before it binned this Daily Mail rubbish here:


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