5 thoughts on “As you were?

    • Tim, It’s neither, it’s a bit more like utter incompetence by someone, somewhere along the line.
      But now that you’ve given them the idea they’ll probably blame it on a hack!

      (Activist hackers when they take over a site, want you to know what they’ve done and more importantly why they’ve done it. )

      Do you know a bit about these things?
      I’ve had a look and I can’t work how they’ve achieved it, and I can’t think of anyone I could ask.
      1. I see the page just as Rothpol does. And I pulled it up in Chrome. IE, Firefox, Safari, and Opera (Win7/64 versions) – just to check it’s not a browser issue (from experience I know that there is a lot of difference in the way that browsers handle images- Safari being by far the best at it – but at little else.
      2. If I right-click on the image, Chrome allows me to “Copy image URL” OK?
      (The image URL is: http://www.rotherhamlabour.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/image4.jpg )
      3. So with the URL copied I open another tab and past the URL into the address box
      … And when I look at the image in that tab, well – it’s no longer defying gravity.
      Very strange behaviour! Try it!
      (the site seems to maybe be built on Word-press – like Rothpol is, but I know less than nothing about the Word-press product – but you host your blog with them, so… ).


      • Regular reader. it doesn’t look like a wordpress hosted site, there is no link on the page on the site and when I inspect element. I tried about 5 other content management systems and found wordpress to be the most stable. You can host on wordpress, which doesn’t give as much functionality, which is where all our blogs are. Or in the case of my Hypnotherapy web site, I self host and get a much more flexible product. Cheers Tim


      • Thanks Tim,
        The only clue I could find to its provenance was that it was using “/wp-content/” in the image URLs, and that seemed to suggest Word Press to me, but I know next to nothing about blogging sites.


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