Caven Vines responds to ‘that letter’

For some reason, known only to the Editor, this response from Caven Vines was denied space in this weeks Advertiser. Judge for yourselves:

akhtar letter advertiserPreviously:

That Letter!

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There is in this weeks Advertiser, a response to last weeks letter from Caven Vines, the UKIP Councillor, representing Rawmarsh ward. Somehow having difficulty with believing that Jahangir Akhtar actually authored this letter:

6 thoughts on “Caven Vines responds to ‘that letter’

  1. Half a billion in debt is obscene. RMBC spend some crazy money on so called road safety schemes, I suspect a lot of this is coming down from EU directives. Rather than spending money on sleeping policemen, wouldn’t they be better filling in the holes. We should only be employing people due to their ability and this would get rid of a lot of officialdom that gets in the way, they shouldn’t be checking on gender, orientation skin colour etc. I totally agree with UKIP about the Lord Mayor, why can’t they drive themselves or get on a bus, if that is their normal mode of transport, it would be a lot cheaper. Chief officers on salaries above the Prime minister is ludicrous when they have run the borough so badly.


  2. I suspect Cavan’s letter was not published because as Akhtar said;
    ………….”and we have fixed the Advertiser”………
    Over to you Mr. Moseley.


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