1 thought on “Travails of RDGH?

  1. Thanks for this RothPol!
    That’s a damning report from Deloitte:
    ‘[It] points to “inappropriate conduct” by some non-executive directors at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust described as behaving “irascibly, indiscreetly, impulsively and surreptitiously”.’
    ‘“The Trust Board is dysfunctional and ineffective.
    “Relationships at Board-level are severely fractured and strained at present. We do not believe that the situation is recoverable and are of the opinion that on balance the NED (non-executive director) cohort should be urgently refreshed.”
    One director told the review: “This is the most dysfunctional board I’ve encountered.” ‘
    … and the earlier PwC report apparently focussing of the failed implementation of the ditched Meditech Patient Record System is equally damning:
    ‘ ” it appeared managers went ahead in part to be at the “forefront of clinical solution technology in the UK”.” and “Doctors were among those who raised concerns but “significant risks” in the system “appear not to have been identified or largely ignored, and we were informed that the project team were told in no uncertain terms to ‘make it work’.” ‘
    Yet only a few days ago the Trust told E-Heath Insider something slightly different:
    I’d just love to get my hands on the two reports that Yorkshire Post got their hands on via FoI and a ruling from the Information Commissioners Office.


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