Shaun spending our money like water?

Shaun Wright, South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, seems hell bent on spending, wasting more like, our hard earned on another vanity appointment.

Someone to make him look good, then?

No amount of massaging of image, will survive personal contact with Shaun? Have you ever heard him deliver a speech? He’s simply awful!

Below is the evidence:

2014-03-23_1046582014-03-23_104450Other links:

Shaun Wright Code of Conduct


5 thoughts on “Shaun spending our money like water?

  1. Upstart, Shaun Wright would and is that stupid! In fact he is so stupid he is dangerous, just as dangerous as he was with the Children and Family Services Department he controlled and we all know how that ended up.


  2. When Shaun Wright was cabinet member for children & families, he took to micromanagement because he had no concept of the overall picture.
    As SYPCC he still has no idea of the overall picture. I have heard he is not above micromanaging in his current role as well. Interfering with ongoing police investigations? Surely I must have misunderstood, even Shaun Wright wouldn’t be that stupid, would he?


  3. Having tried to listen to one of his rambling speech’s it is clear that this man is well out of his depth, out of his depth on several counts, he is unable to string two words together. he has the inability to count sums, and he has no idea what police officers actually have to face and deal with, this PCC is a total joke.


  4. Just look at that PCC over the top schematic, fancy titles, mega bucks salaries, an assistant for the deputy, and a deputy for the assistants assistant.
    And all this while senior investigating officers have to be accountable for every DNA test and every referral to forensics.
    What a world we live in!


  5. Even by Rotherham standards, this man is rather stupid and well out of his depth.
    Just how many fewer, front line officers, will this take off our streets?
    Both the main contenders for office, at the next General Election, are pledged to abolish Police and Crime Commissioners, along with the bloated bureaucracy which has developed around them! I can’t wait!


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