Swinton Labour Candidate Breaks Cover

Stuart Samsone the replacement Swinton candidate gets some publicity, courtesy of the Labour Group website:


Left to right, Stuart Samsone, John Doyle and Ken Wyatt.

4 thoughts on “Swinton Labour Candidate Breaks Cover

  1. The CLF Fund is Public money paid for by the people of Rotherham. If a road is “unadopted” then its the responsibility of those Private house owners to maintain that road at their own expense. Why are these Cllrs using Public money to maintain Private assets??. It would have been better if the said Cllrs Spent time and effort to get the road adopted. But there again they would not be able to “bribe” the public, at Election time, nor would they be able to exploit the elderly and infirm for a photo op.
    Is it legal for the Elected Cllrs to be using their CLF fund for what is clearly a Labour Party Election Campaign.
    PS Could I have some money please to mend the pot hole in my drive.


  2. I can’t comment re Cllr Doyle and Mr Sansome but I used to work with Ken Wyatt for about 20 years and consider him a friend. I know him to be extremely active within the Swinton area and he has undertaken numerous community improvement projects over the years, not just at election time. Before I get accused of being a Labour apologist, I have seen in my own ward community clean-ups that have tended to co-incide with local elections so I’m not defending Labour on this, rather someone who I know to be a hard-working ward councillor.


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