The Star – Child exploitation team receive award

An award? There was me still thinking that they are still subject to an independent inquiry to determine how to fix it!

Star CSE CAward 25_03_2014

Rotherham Council Press Release:

National Award for Child Sexual Exploitation Partnership
Published Friday, 21st March 2014
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“Rotherham’s Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Team have been successful following their recent nomination for a prestigious national award.

The team was nominated as one of the forerunners for the award and received the news that they had been successful at the Awards ceremony that closed the first day of a national conference.

The National Working Group (NWG) Network organised the conference entitled Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation – The Journey So Far at the University of Warwick.

The conference featured international speakers and more than 30 discussion groups looking at effective and innovative practice around Child Sexual Exploitation.

Rotherham’s CSE team were recognised for undergoing “the longest journey under challenging conditions” and were delighted when their name was announced as the national winners.

Sheila Taylor MBE, Chief Executive of the NWG Network, presented the trophy to the Rotherham CSE team. She said: “The Rotherham team has worked tirelessly to improve services and is one of the best national examples of current practice. The major contribution from this team has been to reinstall confidence and credibility locally to help to ensure the safety of young people in Rotherham.”

Cllr Paul Lakin, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Children and Young People’s Services said: “This is a remarkable achievement and shows once again that we are working together well as a team with the police and other agencies to give the message that we are serious about tackling Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham. This recognition comes as a further example that we are doing everything possible to ensure that Rotherham is at the forefront of an issue that effects every town and city in this country.”

Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin from Rotherham Police added: “No child should have to suffer such horrific events. This award is testimony to our continued passion and commitment as a partnership to do everything we can to stamp out these life-changing events.”

This award follows a number of indicators that recognise the positive journey of improvement that is taking place in Rotherham including the Ofsted report of 2012, an independent report from Barnardo’s, the Diagnostic undertaken by the recently appointed Independent Chair of the Children’s Safeguarding Board and the HMIC report.

Joyce Thacker, Strategic Director for Children and Young People’s Services said: “This award is deserved recognition for CSE multi-agency staff who have never deflected from the work they have undertaken despite, at times, severe external pressures.”

The NWG Network is a charitable organisation formed of over 1600 practitioners who work in the field of CSE and trafficked children within the UK. The organisation offers support and advice to those working with children and young people who have been affected by sexual exploitation.”

13 thoughts on “The Star – Child exploitation team receive award

  1. To put it into context, the award citation says:
    Longest Journey under Challenging Conditions Award.
    Rotherham Multi Agency Team – Against a backdrop of national media that painted them as ‘beset by poor practice and historical inadequacies’, giving little recognition that the current team were new and carry a backlash of negativity on behalf of their predecessor’s. Whilst answering to historical inadequacies they have worked tirelessly to improve services and are one of the best examples of current practice. The major contribution from this new team has been to reinstall confidence and credibility locally to ensure the safety of young people in Rotherham.
    A small pat on the back to a new team, and a damning of RMBC over the years.


  2. Colin, Keith Vaz demanded the dismissal of Kimber and Thacker, without compensation! Nothing has happened in that regard, outrageous! All to protect the reputations of a few, who should shoulder responsibility, not run away from it! The press release is quite typical in this regard and spins the story to best advantage to further the narrative from RMBC, that the problem is fixed!.


  3. Is this why our PCC has advertised for a Press Officer, Media Manipulator, Spin-doctor, call it what you like so that he can jump on this bandwagon of mis-information, bull***t and sometimes neo-lies? He must have been feeling a little left out bless him.
    Yes, I do believe this team have started to get their act in order but I certainly don’t believe it warrants an award yet as we don’t appear to be able to see many positive results. This award was far too premature.


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