Diary Date – Marxist Discussion Group April 7th


Topic will be, The Referendum on Scottish Independence.

With the polls suggesting the outcome will be closer than originally thought, what benefits, if any, can an independent Scotland hold for ordinary working people?

Have the Scots had enough of Tory political dominance when there are more giant pandas north of the border than Tory MP’s?

How will a break-up of the United Kingdom affect our economic and political structures?

All welcome.

4 thoughts on “Diary Date – Marxist Discussion Group April 7th

    • Dave
      He is just confusing him with Ed’s dad Ralph.
      (I’m sure he will become even more confused when he learns that Ralph was born Adolphe Miliband.:-) )


  1. Did I read that right! Some people make UKIP out to be like the Nazis. I wish people would read more about our policies rather than the lies spewed out on the mass media especially social whereby every Ukip voter is a illogical, hitler loving child eater.


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