Labour out – in Hellaby

Shabana Ahmed and Jahangir Akhtar are still having difficulty with their website, it would appear from this recent image, taken from the Rotherham Labour Group website?


It is also becoming clear labour’s lack of front line troops is acute! These photos are getting boring with predominately the same faces turning up over and over again!

Thanks goes to our anonymous spotter who was good enough to provide the images.

9 thoughts on “Labour out – in Hellaby

  1. Where’s Roger? Is he regarded as an electoral asset or a liability, or could it perhaps be that is off on another jaunt… .er sorry I meant fact finding mission, in Europe!
    Don’t know if there is any truth in it, but there is a rumour circulating that Caven Vine’s wife is to stand for UKIP in Rotherham West!


  2. Wonder why Dalton was there instead of helping her buddy in Anston, Labour really must be short of troops. You can bet in Dinnington Falvey will do as they usually do use the resource centre staff to deliver leaflets, as they did for the January calendars; god forbid she should do any thing herself.
    Dave Smith


  3. “Wonder why Dalton was there instead of helping her buddy in Anston”
    Because she will not fight, or want to be associated with, a lost cause.
    The Labour group are getting desperate, no extra volunteers and nothing new to offer the voters.


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