Coincidence or coordination?

The Unity Centre and REMA’s accounts have been overdue. Now, without explanation, both sets of accounts have now been filed on the same day! Coincidence or coordination?

unity centre 1090559


REMA 1140365


10 thoughts on “Coincidence or coordination?

  1. Had a quick look now and the accounts for both of them for fye 2013 are now available on line as pdfs.
    But the Unity accounts for fye 2012 are still unaccountably missing. Very odd!


  2. Both of these organisation could have done good work for the community but there have been too many wrongs by some people who were responsibly for setting them up and running them including our RMBC. More worrying is that these crooks are still running these centres by the funds from public purse and are freely allowed to do so. The accounts were delayed probably this time was needed to cover up irregularities due to mismanagements and fiddles


    • Abdul,
      Have you any evidence for any of what you wrote?
      Have you even looked at the accounts?
      Did you know that those same accounts but with less detail had been filed with Companies House months ago (Companies House is a far more rigorous regulator than the Charity Commission)?


  3. Evidence rema when Maroof Hussain appointed as manager – job not advertiser
    Another post job again not advertised
    I was working for a group which was qualified for funding from rema, rema refused any training other then the useless people it propose(against its rules and regulation)
    Unity Centre Right from when this centre was proposed I attended several meetings in one meeting the whole almost unimously agreed the centre to called ‘Kashmiri centre’ this was minuted but never this name was used or proposed to be changed to UNITY centre. Also the RMBC representative and Nazir Ahmed (now Lord Ahmed) we’re telling attendees that this centre will be for Asian community use.
    If we look at the jobs Cllr akhatar chair of (selectively recruited of mr yes men) the committee. two of his sons in top posts. I believe the now Cllr. Shabana Ahmed was running the nursery.
    I applied to go on the committee several years ago I am still waiting for a reply. In Asian community including some on member of this committee agree that things never run properly but do not for some reason come forward and try and sort out the mess.
    Plus much more
    Both organisation rogue and should be closed down and wrong doers should be held responsible including rmbc


    • It has been Rothpol’s life experience, until denial is replaced by truth, no problem can be resolved!
      Abdul has spoken out, it is now time for others to follow his example.


  4. Who makes up the financial losses for REMA? In the financial year 2011/2012 there was a nett deficit of £40,734.00. In the financial year 2012/2013 REMA had a surplus of £11,602.
    The overall shortfall for 2011/2013 is £29,132.00. Not an insignificant sum of money.


    • REMA made up the “financial losses” by dipping into their Cash at Bank, £131,870 at fye 2012, they also had significant funds due from debtors.
      (Prior to 2012 REMA didn’t have charitable status, only the ltd company status that it has had for 10 years or so – you would have to get their Companies House accounts for earlier years to find out how the bank balance had built up.)
      It might however be worth noting that included in its Grant Income – (restricted funds) is a sum of £53,892 (2013) , titled Single Infrastructure Grant, which could possibly come from here:


  5. All this for the Asian Mafia and still they are closing Sure-start Centres in the rest of Rotherham. Where are this lot coming from, the Unity Centre should have been the starting point of the cuts!


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