Rare sight in Silverwood

A very rare sight indeed, Labour out campaigning in Silverwood Ward. Rothpol spies the ‘kiss of death’ to many a campaign, Darren Hughes, on the extreme right of the picture?

Darren even made a mess of his own re-election campaign in Anston & Woodsetts Ward in 2012 and experience has demonstrated that his involvement usually results in them losing! Poor, Pat Russell?


Labour out campaigning in Silverwood Ward

Left to right:
Ken Wyatt
Sarah Champion
Judy Dalton
John Healey
Pat Russell
Maggie Godfrey
Jeanette Mallinder
Ann Russell
Darren Hughes

8 thoughts on “Rare sight in Silverwood

  1. Labour must be really short of members the same ubiquitous lot are seen in all the pictures, Dalton even wears the same cloths for every picture. I bet I don’t meet her campaigning on the streets of Dinnington, it’s just not done you know.


    • Dalton lives in Dinnington, but is a ward councillor for Anston. Labours publicity machine in Anston, seems to be geared to litter picking.


  2. Even more worrying for Labour voters is Dalton’s tweet yesterday that ‘Sarah Champion is the heir to Tony Benn’. If that is so then all hope is lost. You may recall Benn co-authored Labour’s 1983 election manifesto aka “The longest suicide note in history”. Political history is not one of Dalton’s strongpoints. Darren the Defector is not what might be called a positive role model for Labour is he?
    Dave Smith made the point I was going to raise about Dalton wearing the same clothing for every photo shoot, perhaps she is claiming ‘walking the streets’ as expenses to enable her to buy a new coat and new shoes? As I mentioned previously the Labour party is desperately short of volunteers hence nearly always the same faces in different wards leaflet dropping.
    Burton and Dalton do not show their faces around these here parts either, I wonder why??


  3. What an insult to Tony Benn. What a stupid comparison. Thick as pig **** comes to mind. Just political smooching by daft Dalton!


  4. Pat Russell is one half of the greediest couple on RMBC. Richard Russell, Pat’s husband and a Cabinet member on RMBC, is also up for election this year in Rother Vale Ward.
    Both are well passed their sell by dates, but labour insist on giving us tired and worn out candidates, like these two?
    Labour can no longer claim to represent ‘the people’ of Rotherham, only themselves! They are the epitome of a Rotten Borough!


  5. Labour only have the same tired worn out candidates. They are seriously struggling to find new blood in Rotherham. They can only gather no more than a dozen people to campaign sometimes less hence the same faces. It must be bad to get Healey and Champion out on the streets a year away from the national election.


  6. Champion at the request of UNITE spoke at the so called rally against the closure of the sure start centres, she blamed the government for this. So after I asked what she thought about all the Labour councillors voting for the closure. Her response was that they had not they had voted for the consultation. I pressed her further and asked what will the council do if the consultation gave a resounding heads up to keep them open. In some what of a huff she walked away. The workers in the sure start centres need to keep a close watch on how their union is performing, they too are not blaming the council. Also where were the buses to bring people in from the twenty two centres? This was another token gesture like the one at the town hall, although they are sacking our members lets bring in a Labour party apologist to speak. She didn’t turn up till nearly everyone had gone.
    Dave Smith


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