Moral bankruptcy, or simple hypocrisy?

Another one from this mornings post, this time focussing, for the first time on Rotherham Politics, on Gordon Watson, a labour councillor representing Wales Ward. My anonymous source, to whom I give thanks, poses a question. Readers may have a view on this:

Gordon Watson

6 thoughts on “Moral bankruptcy, or simple hypocrisy?

  1. Isnt Maltby Academy independent and has nothing to do with the Council? I agree with lovedinnington- you’ve lost me with this one…


  2. You really are scraping the bottom of the barrel here – what are you saying – someone who works in the public sector can’t be a councillor and claim allowances? About time you had a bit more discretion over the muck-raking claptrap you post.


  3. We have a caring, hard working and intelligent councillor who is a part time teacher at Maltby Independant Acadamy, can’t see where the problem is. Somebody needs to get a life.


  4. We have a borough councillor who works for the post office that doesn’t make him morally bankrupt, paying themselves the allowances they do; whilst sacking genuine workers now that is morally bankrupt.
    Dave Smith


    • Yeah it’s not like you have to look far to find double standards in Rotherham, but if we’re now saying that anyone in full time work can’t be a Councillor that means we’ll be stuck with the wallies we have now for a long time!


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