Mallinder – Labour Candidate Leaflet

I reproduce below two scans of a leaflet found discarded in Hellaby Ward.

If you have the same or similar from any of the political Parties, please scan it as a .jpg and attach it to an email to Rothpol.

Mallinder Leaflet 1Mallinder Leaflet 2Many thanks go to Omar Meban, the Conservative Candidate for Hellaby Ward.

16 thoughts on “Mallinder – Labour Candidate Leaflet

      • Thought you might have provided a well argued case, surprised to merely get a slogan. Is this why people are turned off politics and politicians, they are taken for granted and worse, for fools!


  1. So Ms Mallinder why did you stay stumm when the suits at the hospital squandered millions on a vanity IT system?.
    So Ms Mallinder what do you have to say about the nurse staffing levels at the hospital?
    Another waste of time wannabe politician.


  2. “I have been a Governor in the Rotherham Hospital Foundation Trust”.
    Another Labour poodle who agreed with Brown’s PFI strategy that forced Rotherham Hospital-with other hospitals-into debt.
    Like Akhtar’s leaflet Mallinder deliberately promotes Labour’s national policy proposals without explaining what her policies are for residents in Rotherham. Will she be taking orders, instructions and guidance from Kimber and Stone or Unison?
    Who comes first Jeanette, Party and Union or local people?


    • Yes indeed, that is usually the case. Few UKIP supporters appear to know what UKIP really stand for, while most Labour supporters have taken the trouble to find out what UKIP actually say about a range of things,…. and It is not just all about Europe is it boys?


      • Yes mary it really is all about europe The N H S is being run down to come in line with the european model,hence the suggestion last week by an ex labour minister that we all pay £10 a month .yes a first step to the distruction of our N H S as we know it.Just a suggestion to see how it would be reacted to


      • Mike Wath,
        It’s not all about Europe.
        There is no European Health Service model (I have much experience of medical services in Germany, Italy, France, Holland and Belgium – and they are all different). You may however be thinking of the time when Blair raised spending on the NHS to the level of the average in other EU countries – but that is something total different.
        The suggestion of the £10 contribution was made by Lord Warner in an article published by Reform* – (a second rate pressure group masquerading as a Charity that he happens to be closely associated with). It was immediately rejected by Labour. Since 2010 Warner has been more closely aligned with the ConDems than Labour and heavily involved with companies that benefit from selling services and products to the NHS – see his wikipedia entry. He has zero credibility, as are any arguments relying on his ideas.


  3. So if a Unison steward can’t get the local labour controlled council to vote to save Children’s Centres from closure, shouldn’t she be furious with the local labour party? Seems to me everyone including the Labour party (Champion), Unison and the general public want them to stay open, but I can’t find any mention on this leaflet. Is it a general election this time? Might as well be from this level of ‘local’ campaigning.

    PS: Is this the same ‘Janet’ Mallinder that stood and lost against Joe Robinson of TUSC for Maltby parish council last year?


  4. I was under the impression Ms Mallinder worked for RMBC care homes…has she resigned or does She work in private health care like her friend Jenny Andrews! Yes they care passionately about the NHS!


  5. I dont like the sound of a non dinnington person Standing to be elected for the dinnington ward, how can Jeanette Mallinder know what the people of dinnington need or want to happen to their town. Google her and make your own mind up but she cant be that good when she switches parties at the drop of a hat!


    • Mick Conlon is once again standing as an independent for Maltby. He probably won’t get in, but it doesn’t stop him from standing time and again. Why? Because he cares about the his town. Jeanette Mallinder has tried to get elected in Maltby, Hellaby and now Dinnington. Why? Because she cares about getting elected. See the difference?


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