Cynicism On Display?

The page below was brought to Rothpols attention by an observant reader. Thought others might appreciate the cynicism on display, click on image to read the whole RMBC article:

Cynicism JA  08_04_2014

10 thoughts on “Cynicism On Display?

  1. I resent paying council tax? I pay for the use of street lighting only as I take my own rubbish to the recycling depo in turn they profit once more. The public are screwed and here we have this retard congratulating his staff who are the meanest buggers on earth.


  2. Good grief ! I wouldn’t ask for a second look from this disreputable man never mind “demand (his) thanks and praise”.
    What an ego inflated hypocrite. Maybe Rotherham people will show their real distaste for Akhtar and his colleagues at the elections.


  3. Couldn’t agree more rr. Where IS the leader ? Skulking somewhere any independant journalists can’t find him , no doubt, waiting for The Advertiser to write something pleasant about him. Is there really a chance that Akhtar could become leader ? Scary, but possible !


  4. Leader in waiting Akhtar has it all worked out, he will be the next Leader of RMBC and will appoint his own Cabinet based on patronage and not ability.
    The Labour group are unable to stop the move, the local MPs are silent, the only way to stop him in his tracks is to vote UKIP.
    Shabs for Deputy!


    • Jahangir has an appointment with the electorate of Rotherham West, in late May, first!
      There may be no question of his Leadership, once they have spoken?
      Even some of his colleagues, are hoping for that outcome.
      They do not have the bottle to do it themselves, moral bankruptcy?


  5. I have witnessed Mr Akhtar`s Democracy in Action. At the Children`s Centre Consultation at Dinnington. Mr Smith took the opportunity to exercise his Democratic right, he stood up to speak and oppose the closure of the Children`s Centre. He then went on to make it known that Dinnington`s two RMBC Cllrs (Havenhand and Falvey) had voted for the Budget cuts so effectively closing them down.
    Immediately Cllr Akhtar jumped to his feet and started to “attack” Mr Smith, he berated him by accusing him of not being right, he said he was scaring the children (which was not true, they were happily playing football at the back of the room) and then went on to accuse him of turning the meeting into “Two meetings” ( meaning consultation and political) He dared to express a democratic opinion, that was not the view of Mr Akhtar and was bullied for it.
    When Mr Smith refused to bow to the intimidation, Cllr Larkin Who is Head of Children`s Services decided to chip in and have a go, and then quite stupidly threatened to close the meeting. So much for democracy RMBC style.
    They also tried to have a go at me when I pointed out that there were at least 6 Labour Candidates in the room who had voted for the budget (including Akhtar) and in effect the closure of Centres. I did not back down neither.
    The message to Cllr Akhtar is, if you want to come to Dinnington and Anston and try to bully us into submission think again. We are not scared of you or your bullying tactics.


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