Only the first step?

“This morning, 09 April 2014, five days after the petition began; Maria Miller MP resigned from her ministerial post.

The public support for this petition has been overwhelming. Of course this is just the first step. Maria Miller still hasn’t paid back the full £45,000 and the expenses system still needs reform.

In addition there are questions that need answering about the Committee on Standards. They disregarded the Parliamentary Commissioners recommendations after a 14 month investigation, letting Maria Miller off with literally a slap on the wrist.

I hope this petition has shown that the power of people power via social media is a game changer. This can rightly be seen as the first ministerial resignation via pressure from social media.

Thank you once again for your time to sign and promote this important subject matter. I hope going forward this petition will help contribute to achieving positive change.”

16 thoughts on “Only the first step?

  1. Well at least the Miller story has reminded us of the expenses saga and that Cameron is well out of touch! Tories right across the country, must be despairing?


  2. I can’t believe that no one is asking questions about Kevin Barron’s links to pharmaceutical companies ( that you rightly exposed on this site) and the massive amount of written questions he asks in Parliament related to the subject. I just looked it up on theyworkforyou and it’s mind blowing how many relate to pharma compared to anything that is remotely related to Rother Valley.


    • I think you’ll find that’s SIR Kevin to us lol. Sir Kevin of Sigma.

      I went to his website and typed in ‘pharmaceuticals’ and this is what i found

      no surprise there then lol.

      But this one is just for you anonymous…

      Let’s just hope that it’s not another Tamiflu giving parents false hope that their babies are properly protected whilst costing 100’s of millions.

      And I especially love this registered interest entry on theyworkforyou:

      6. Overseas visits
      Name of donor: Sigma Pharmaceuticals PLC
      Address of donor: Unit 1-7 Colonial Way, PO Box 233, Watford WD24 4YR
      Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): travel and accommodation for myself and my wife, at an estimated value of £3,650
      Destination of visit: Cancun, Mexico
      Date of visit: 15-22 February 2014
      Purpose of visit: to deliver a one hour speech as Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Pharmacy at the conference of Sigma Pharmaceuticals in Cancun Mexico, on 17 February 2014.
      (Registered 12 March 2014)

      Nice. Week in Cancun with the wife. Not bad for an hours work cheerleading for big pharma. Better than Bramley in February? Vote Labour! They care about you!


  3. If M.P.’s really wanted to resolve this issue, they would purchase a building with 650 rooms in it and that would be the end of the story. I believe unless you live in a constituency, you haven’t the right to represent them. Maria should have had to pay back the full 45K or so and should have been sacked as an MP.


    • There might be such a building at the end of the Mall? I am sure the Queen might find the poor dears, somewhere to lay their heads at night and breakfast in the morning?
      When you take away the London MPs, there would be plenty of room!


      • I believe Channel 5 are doing a documentary tonight on some German immigrants sponging off the state that are already living there. I think it was UKIP that put them onto it. Luckily thanks to EU freedom of movement, I’m off to Berlin to declare myself King.


      • Reg,
        does this sound familiar?

        ‘Clearly you didn’t realise that I had my tongue in my cheek when I wrote my comment.’

        Now where have I heard that before? Oh yeah – there it is.


      • Hi Warren
        From what I read , the episode was about UK, not Germany. I don’t have a TV or licence – but I’ll get one in a couple of years when I’m 74!
        I promise to watch it for as long as I can tolerate the advertising on catch-up, but I hate any of those shock-horror type stories – they never show the whole picture, and whilst immigration into UK is a serious issue – they just trivialise it by focusing on one aspect.
        – as I read in the description on their website , one of the cases they report on was of a group of Roma who came to UK in January 2014 … but in reality most came to UK legally in the two years prior to that, by declaring themselves as self-employed persons. My impression, and all the evidence I have seen, is that few Rumanians or Bulgarians have actually arrived since 1 Jan 2014 – but I await our notorious flawed immigration statistics for this period.
        (The only near reliable immigration stats are from the Netherlands – a far more attractive destination than UK, IMHO (But even their figures are not totally accurate – in the 3 years I lived, rented an apartment, and worked in Amsterdam in the late 1990tis I never registered with any official body – and yet I was just as much an EU immigrant as any Rumanian or Bulgarian.)


    • Tim,
      But she did live in the constituency!
      You just have to understand though that Basingstoke is a very long 45 minute commute to London Waterloo station; so she really really did had to have a second home in Wimbledon – a so much shorter 17 minute commute to London Waterloo – for all those days she had to spend in Whitehall/Westminster where her office and the HoC are.
      OK, her children, husband and parents lived in the Wimbledon “second home” but no-one could ever want to bring up children in Basingstoke – its a really boring and ugly commuter town with only those state-run schools. The schools in and around Wimbledon are so much nicer and obviously better, what with Emanuel, St. Pauls, Kingston Grammar, Tiffin, and even the truly excellent The Lady Eleanor Holles / Hampton School pairing all within school-run distance. One really has to think first about the children!


      • Regular reader. I believe that the only person fit to represent a community, is a person who is willing to live in that community. Parachuting a candidate in to represent a community, that they aren’t willing to live in, is insulting to the people who live there. Cheers Tim


      • Regular reader. I really thought you was siding with her. I have had a few dings dongs, with Dave Smith on here and then we bump into each other in Dinnington and find out we are both singing from the same Hymn sheet. Cheers Tim


      • TIm, in both your relations with Dave and myself, I can only assume that it is a matter of of “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”. I certainly find your attitudes (or as you would say “beliefs”) on almost everything naive, trivial and evidence-free.
        Even your metaphor of “singing from the same Hymn sheet” is an insult to those who are able to think for themselves, and well, as an Atheist I find the whole idea insulting.


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