So who did vote to close Children’s Centres?

You might be forgiven for thinking that labour councillors have taken the most hypocritical attitude, to the closure of a large number of children’s centres right across Rotherham?

You would be right! There has been a pretence, by many that they were somehow not party to the decision to close them at all!

The decision was made, when the budget came before Council in March. A recorded vote is necessary for this and I reproduce the relevant minute:

Council budget 11_04_2014There can be no doubt as to who voted for closure. Those labour councillors who were absent, Lelliot, license and Tweed!

Full minutes can be viewed here:

12 thoughts on “So who did vote to close Children’s Centres?

  1. I was at the meeting, there was not one word of dissent from any of the Labour councillors, one who wasn’t there was Simon Tweed from Dinnington. This an attempt by these cowards to pretend they did not vote to close the children centres but for the consultation. At the Dinnington consultation, as I am sure happened at the others, we were shown a list of the ones to close. One clever woman asked the three stooges stood at the front if after the consultation had been completed could that list change; all she needed was Fred Astair and I would have sworn she was Ginger Rogers she tap danced that much. We should be absolutely clear by voting for the budget in it’s entirety, as did all the Labour councillors, they voted to close the children centres. What struck me most about this meeting was that there were no union officials there to either ask awkward questions or to pose an alternative to the closures. This council is determined to privatise children and young peoples services.
    Dave Smith


    • UNISON has been present at most of the public consultation meetings. However, these meetings are designed for the public to ask questions and at the ones I have attended (most notably Wath) the public have needed no assistance whatsoever in asking excellent, probing and relevant questions. As a union we are working tirelessly to support and promote public engagement but at the end of the day our resources are limited and our number one priority is our members.


  2. Not one Labour Councillor broke ranks, only the opposition Councillors (and all of them) voted against. You would have thought even the Labour group , with their political acumen, could have arranged for a token number to abstain or oppose. Then their protestations would carry some weight. Maybe they are just too dim to arrange it…


  3. Reblogged this on maltbyblogger and commented:
    In case we in Maltby and Hellaby were in any doubt as to who voted for the closure of children’s centres in Rotherham, the full list of our representatives listed here . Andrews, Astbury, Beaumont, Godfrey, Rushforth


  4. The other question is, how was the selection of which centres to be kept open, made?
    I think the answer is quite simple. Just look at Aughton Early Learning Centre, why is this being kept open. Guess whose Ward it is in, who is coming up for re-election this year, none other than the founder and leader of “Scum Labour” in Rotherham, our very own Gerald (Liar) Smith. There doesn’t appear to be any other reason for it to be kept open over and above any of the others.
    The RMBC Labour Group have now been proved, beyond any doubt, they are the most corrupt, self serving, greedy set of political filth anywhere in this Country.


    • “Kiveton & Wales is a graveyard”
      You have the Boy Blunder Beck and Cllrs.Watson and Whysall to thank for that.
      Just what have they done for K&W since being elected?
      Not a lot.
      All three of them voted in favour of closing Children’s Centres.They will be asking their electors to vote for them next year. Spread the word-Time for Change.


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