Kazoku update

Rothpol can bring readers this update, in the convoluted story of the Kazoku Karate Club. Our story involves the bit of it being run by Ian McAllister, Ellen McAllister and Barry Dodson.

There is another bone fide user of the name Kazoku, the main organisation, that was in the process of throwing Ian McAllister out for misusing his skills, acts of aggression and violence towards others, the reasons. Sounds familiar? This is the same man who was granted the lease!

Barry Dodson, Deputy Mayor of Rotherham, does not emerge from this with his reputation intact, he is exposed as a rather spiteful, petty and nasty man who uses his position to bend and break the rules to his own advantage. The story of how the lease was obtained demonstrates this in spades. He has also emerged as a racist, a most serious of accusations as he is due to by Mayor next, a more unsuitable person would be difficult to imagine, as Rotherham’s first citizen?

Ellen McAllister, it should not be forgotten was guilty of a racially aggravated assault occasioning actual bodily harm! A hospital visit was necessary for the victim, who was too much of a gentleman to fight back.

Barry Dodson and Ellen McAllister are continuing to run the club together, despite all of the problems with the allocation of the lease and their definite unsuitability to work with children and the unsuitability and safety of the premises?

What of Ian McAllister, the leaseholder, and the only person cleared to work with children by the DBS? Barry Dodson and Ellen McAllister have not, as far as we can determine, been subject to clearance by the DBS.

Ian McAllister cannot currently go within an exclusion zone of the Club, imposed at Rotherham Magistrates, as Ian McAllister will be appearing at Sheffield Crown Court on 22nd April! He has been charged with racially aggravated criminal damage and witness intimidation! Prison awaits? DBS clearance invalidated!

20 thoughts on “Kazoku update

  1. Wow! Rothpol your update is rather distressing to the eye.
    There I was thinking child protection mattered…. MAYBE NOT DBS!!
    Maybe children do not matter anymore….?
    Seems the Police & Courts are taking authority, clearly a lot of truth in this story if it’s going to court.


  2. Barry Dodson’s behaviour is reprehensible! Seriously, do we want him as Mayor? Time for Barry to consider his position, realise it is untenable and stand down as Deputy Mayor forthwith!


    • Barry Dodson, the far from closet racist, for Mayor? I don’t think so!
      What was Akhtar thinking of when he wanted Dodson for Mayor? Are the Rotherham Labour Group so contemptuous of public opinion and the voters, that they would foist a racist on the people of Rotherham as First Citizen?
      They are sure to pay a price for this outrage at the polls, how big a price remains to be seen? Anecdotal reports indicate, Akhtar is in some trouble in Rotherham West as his voters are becoming remarkably well informed of the real Akhtar and they do not like what they see! Trouble ahead for labour in Rotherham? Certainly looks like it!


  3. Shaukat Ali’s silence is deafening! He will be paying a price for this outrage at the election. We don’t want a racist for Mayor and we don’t want Shaukat if he supports this nonsense!
    Time to speak out Shaukat and bring some principle back to politics in Rotherham.


  4. This Kazoku group should be closed, until such time that the position of Ian McAllister, the leaseholder and major player in the club, has been resolved by the Courts..
    Even their insurances will be invalidated without someone who has been Disclosure & Barring Service, cleared!
    Why has the Council not lived up to it’s child protection responsibilities? Might it have anything to do with the involvement of Barry Dodson, I hope not!
    Indeed, there is a tale to tell, concerning Barry Dodson’s role in obtaining the lease, but that is for another time.


  5. Kazoku have two more instructors – an ex military boxer and a young female MMA contender and PE teacher… Are they DBS Checked?? Plus other clubs they run around Rotherham and Derby?


    • The Kazoku club Rothpol has been referring to is not the bone fide organisation with a proper system for child protection but the unauthorised, name stealing, Kazoku group in Ian McAllister’s name, operating from unsuitable premises. Ian McAllister is currently answering charges, Ellen McAllister and Dodson, Deputy Mayor, are deeply unpleasant people.


  6. You should have pointed out that the McAllister’s and Barry Dodson are racists and are the most unsuitable people to operate such a club, why don’t the Council act?


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