Barron ‘enriched’ himself? Now there’s a surprise!

This weeks Private Eye again features Kevin Barron AKA, the Double Standards Committee Chairman:

PE Barron 17 April 2014

7 thoughts on “Barron ‘enriched’ himself? Now there’s a surprise!

  1. His voters somehow see him as ‘one of us’. The problem for them is how they justify the change from ex-NUM sponsored part time miner to Double Standards Committee Chairman who trousers a large wedge of public cash while still claiming to represent the interests of his of Rother Valley voters ( Or is it pharmaceutical companies) and collects a knighthood along the way?
    Perhaps his supporters see his behaviour as the norm for Labour MP’s who have their former Leader as a role model in the field of dodgy property deals and pocketing large profits.


  2. Sadly it’s the norm. When you consider our fascist state everyday do not stand a chance and most of us know it. I will be voting UKIP!


  3. I agree with every word you say Colin BUT don’t forget, the loudest leader of all time for the NUM was Scargill who pocketed NUM funds during the miners strike. He and Heathfield plus others paid off their mortgages using these funds whilst miners children were going without. So, Barron was set a very good example by dear old Arthur wasn’t he?


    • At one time I was convinced Scargill had misused NUM funds however over a long period of time I was unable to find any conclusive evidence to substantiate these claims.
      What I did find was this: written by former Mirror editor Roy Greenslade who debunks the story.

      Back on topic; MP’s are allowed to police themselves and IMV this is not acceptable. MP’s should be subject to oversight by a truly independent body which has powers to investigate and question MP’s under oath about anything which brings parliamentary standards into question. I am reminded of an adage that asks ‘who inspects the inspectors?’
      MP’s should also be reminded of the Nolan principles and abide by them, failure to comply should mean he/she would have to resign as an MP. Financial chicanery is not tolerated in most businesses and I do not accept MP’s should be exempt from the same laws and rules that govern our daily lives.


  4. That Kevin Barron only has a flat in his Rothervalley constituency, shows how much he thinks of his constituency. This guy needs the people of Rothervalley to show how little they regard him in 2015.


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