A question for Cllr Shaukat Ali?

Shaukat Ali is the Labour candidate in this years local elections for the Rotherham East Ward.

There is no better place to start, than an examination of his Declared Interests. Peculiar that nothing has changed since 2012? Maybe it is time for an update?

This was left as a comment but may be too important to miss as it raises some very significant issues:

“A question for Cllr Shaukat Ali.
Who ultimately pays the rent for these properties listed on your RMBC declaration of interests, is it the hard working tax payer?

35/37 Russell Street.
154 St Ann’s Road.
203 Hatherley Road. *see note below
70 Milton Road,.
44/46 Selbourne Street.
151 Effingham Street.
99 Gerrard Road.
45 Bawtry Road with my sons Imran & Kamran Raza
18 Doncaster Road Rotherham.

I can see why Cllr Ahktar would proffer the argument that there isn’t a problem in Eastwood, no need to rock the boat on this one, his chums might not like it.
If all these properties where on the rental market and allowing for a few voids then a conservative estimate of the annual income would be in the region of £66k a year, paid directly to the landlord from housing benefits.
You can see why RMBC and the Labour group would open their arms to mass immigration.”


*203 Hatherley Road. Recently made famous by Channel 5!


11 thoughts on “A question for Cllr Shaukat Ali?

  1. Exploiting newly arrived immigrants and profiteering from the public purse, what a dire reflection of the political class in Rotherham.
    If Labour think it is appropriate for him stand for re-election they have lost their moral compass.
    I note he lives well away from Eastwood.


  2. 151 Effingham Street is the Guitar shop which has been empty for some time. I pass 18 Doncaster Road every day and there are always plenty of Roma hanging about the place, Don,t know whether Ali has let the property as a single house or perhaps divided the property into bedsits. To be sure he will have done which ever is the most lucrative for him and whatever he has done the taxpayers will be picking up the bill for the rents. Isn’t life great in the UK!


  3. i recall a certain landlord in eastwood telling residents a while back , get out of eastwood , things are only going to get worse . we all know what the roma/ slovaks are like , but some of these landlords are doing nothing at all to help out .


    • ronnie: I’m not sure what you mean? Do you mean the landlord was telling indigenous residents to leave Eastwood to make way for more immigrants? For once they get in the landlord is assured of a steady rental income courtesy of the taxpayer. The Roma in the programme quite openly said as they got everything they needed for free in England they were never going to go back to Slovakia!


      • maybe this landlord was warning residents what was to come , maybe he had been talking to his mates ?? .maybe some landlords where seeing BIG pound signs a few years back ?


  4. Leader Stone is in the Advertiser twittering on about the C5 programme, he obviously sees the potential for voter backlash on 22 May.

    At least Ali is reaping the benefits of the Roma coming to town.


  5. Either change the rules or leave the Roma people alone – it’s not their fault the previous Govt & this current Govt are throwing money at them.

    Would I take it? You bet.

    On the issue of the Cllr – he needs to answer some very direct questions.


    • CC, bet you dont live in eastwood or ferham , some of these landlords need looking into because the romas are walking meal tickets .


  6. In addressing the question a good starting point would be, who owns the following declared properties?
    57 Clough Road,
    37 Hartington Road,
    95 Henley Grove
    Road, Rotherham
    8 Farm Drive,
    130 Henley Grove
    Road, Rotherham
    How many of the tenants of the above have their monthly rent paid via housing benefit?
    Why does RMBC support mass immigration into the town?
    I do know if I was living next to a property with a sale flag in the garden and the Deputy Leader walked up the path I would be very worried.


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