Council playing hardball?

The Advertiser published this piece concerning the denial of basic rights:

Adv PT 18 April

13 thoughts on “Council playing hardball?

  1. Children abused and raped and what did RMBC do, absolutely nothing, they stuck their fingers in their ears, taped their mouths shut and say it was a lifestyle choice, did they call the police, no!
    Ask a legitimate question, the police are called, the individual is subject to the full weight of the law and RMBC are off the hook.
    A great pity South Yorkshire Police did not act so fast when dealing with the abuse of children.
    Foden and Kaye how did you respond when children were being abused in Rotherham?
    You hid behind community cohesion and the rest of the PC rubbish.
    Thank you Mr Thirwall, you stand head and shoulders above those who should have been on the side of the innocents.


  2. I am with Cllr Kaye on this one, anyone of integrity and honesty must be banned from the town hall, who knows what they will expose, double dealing, loans to mates, back stabbing of fellow Cllr`s, plots and more plots against the Leader, gifts and hospitality, perish the thought that any of this finds its way into the public domain.
    A pat on the back for Cllr Kaye for keeping all the snouts firmly stuck in the civic trough.


  3. Barry Kaye the chief plotter himself speaking on the subject of conduct, what a joke.
    Akhtar watch out he`s behind you and the anti Akhtar whispering campaign is in full swing.
    Barry Kaye a true friend of the leader in waiting, LOL!


  4. What a surprise,
    This is exactly the same tactic Labour Cllr St John does at almost every meeting of Anston Parish Council. If you do not agree with him, stand up make up the lie, that a certain Cllr is being disrespectful to the Chairman ,( the “Independent” Chairman whom he put there) and then move that the Cllr be “Evicted from the meeting, or not heard”. His spineless Labour lacky`s then do exactly as they are told and vote against the Independent Cllr (me) This tactic by the bullying Labour Party has been used by St John on over 15- 20 occasions. If you cannot beat them, Bully them. Its the same man who proposes every time, the same lacky`s that vote, and when you complain to the Standards board that this is bullying, Mrs Collins, who is in charge of Standards in RMBC does nothing. Standards what Standards.
    Cllr Barry Kaye should hang his head in shame, when he suggests that Mr Thirlwall should be prevented from attending RMBC Council Meetings, Mr T, like all other members of the Public who attend, are there to hold the Council to account. But there again, Democracy is a dirty word to some RMBC Cllrs.
    Keep the pressure up Mr Thirlwall, the Castle is starting to crumble.
    Cllr Stuart Thornton


  5. Cllr Kaye, plotting against Cllr Akhtar is not the most smartest thing anyone could do especially if you expect to get a plum role in his new administration.


  6. Kimber has crossed the Rubicon on this matter, clearly a politically motivated stunt by the Labour Group, they should be charged with wasting police time.

    Kimber should keep out of politics.

    You would have thought that given the endemic problems across the town the Labour Group would have thought it a better use of police resources to go and catch the child rapists, well now you wouldn’t as here in Rotherham Labour have some very unpleasant and nasty traits.


  7. “I wish we could set in place whatever we can to stop (him) coming to the council chamber”. Chilling words… Democracy is dead in Rotherham in the same week Sarah Champion backs a laughable campaign to talk up what is good about the town. A bit more humility and listening from the ruling group would be a start to restore some good…


  8. Hypothetical town hall conversation.

    We must stop him asking questions, I know let’s get him arrested. That will stop him asking any awkward questions about our scheme for the Titans, Rose will keep her seat and the mug voters of Boston Castle will have the wool pulled over their eyes, sounds like a plan!

    Now we will need to watch that new finance bod, he`s a bit smart he might say no.


  9. i would have thought that the voters of boston ward have had the wool pulled over there eyes already , the fence on herringthorpe playing fields was a done deal between roger stone and titans years ago , and what a state it looks . free hols in the sun for roger ?


  10. Cllr Kaye, Foden and Mr Kimber, good young men and women died so we could all have the freedom of speech, they died so people like you and the BNP would not goose step over our right to free speech.
    I know you will not have any real idea of how many young individuals from your ward made the ultimate sacrifice, let me tell you, people across the borough will be remembering those lost in the defense of free speech this year, with your published comments regarding Peter Thriiwall you should hang your head in shame.
    A land fit for hero’s?
    Not in Rotherham.


  11. Hey Rik. Why not give Peter Thirlwall a regular post or twitter feed here or maybe one of the new Respect candidates? Or even an Indie?! I notice you still have Dennis McShame’s twitter feed running down the side of the page? Surely about time you stopped giving the oxygen of publicity to a discredited voice from the past and gave some fresh voice a hearing? What think you?


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