12 thoughts on “The battle for Rawmarsh really hots up!

  1. The leaflet says, “UKIP councillors follow the best interests of their constituents. Not the party line”. I strongly suspect that once UKIP has decided its party line on local issues, its councillor will have to follow it!


  2. I notice how Caven Vines in his leaflet talks of cutting jobs, be they executive or not, he does not talk of cutting the amount of councillors or their allowances. Could this be because he already is one of them. How can UKIP talk of honesty with Neil Hamilton as vice chairman?
    Dave Smith


  3. Dave – we don’t like Neil Hamilton any more than you do!
    I can assure you all that we will act for our voters and we will not be ‘whipped’.
    I for one advocate reducing the number of councillors by one third and we will encourage our elected councillors to donate some of their generous allowance to local charities of their choice.
    As Caven says we need to make cost and efficiency savings but we do not believe in cutting front line services for the sake of trying to prove the government are to blame or party dogma.


  4. Whatever you think of Caven Vines,or UKIP when he says Labour in Rotherham have betrayed the electorates’ trust that is the undeniable truth. It’s time some of these self-serving people were ousted from the Council and five properties owning, taxi driver Akhtar should be first on the list! It’s time for all non-partisan people of goodwill and who genuinely want to see change in the way the town is run to come together to achieve this.


  5. I would rather have someone like Caven Vines running as a candidate in my ward. All I’ve seen is Sue Ellis on my doorstep and when I tried to engage in a political debate she couldn’t wait to move on. At least she was actually attempting to engage even though it was politically pitiful. Why is it that candidates are over 50 and don’t seem to be in touch at all with “regular” people. It’s no wonder that the younger generation have an apathetic attitude to politics
    I may be 43 but seriously fighting a campaign whereon of the main concerns is a recycling centre closing 1 day a week to save money are these people for real.


  6. Good luck to Councillor Caven Vines and the local UKIP team, an excellent leaflet that hits the nail on the head, I see that the local Rotherham Labour party are throwing everything bar the kitchen sink at the guy. To late boys and girls the people of Rawmarsh are wanting an honest hard working Councillor, someone who stands up for local people. Now lets have a little reminder of the behaviour of Denis McShane fraudster and jailbird of this parish, everything that seems to sum up the behaviour of the local Rotherham Labour Party. Disgraceful !


  7. I think labour councillors should go on anger management courses It certainly looks like UKIP have them rattled in Rawmarsh today one of our leaflet people was accosted in the street with a torrid verbal assault and tried to ram our leaflet down his jumper.
    Cllr Neil Hamilton stopped his car and attacked our man this morning in Rawmarsh with a verbal rant.
    Looks like bad behaviour is a must to be a Labour Councillor
    Well they are certainly showing their true colours this time.


  8. What else would you expect the Deputy Leader has a conviction for this type of behavior.

    Keep going Caven, make your message local, make the points relevant to voters in Rotherham, ignore the chants of being racist, time to stop the snouts in the trough lifestyle by Labour politicians.


    • I was the UKIP man who had the pleasure to be accosted by Mr Hamilton this morning. He clearly did not wish to enter into any kind of dialogue, just ripped up Caven’s leaflet to try to stuff down my jumper and briefly trotted out the usual yawn inducing stuff about racism before turning on his heels.
      To be honest it was quite pitiful to watch a grown man behaving in such a way but it is a clear sign, albeit a childish and petulant one, that Rotherham Labour are deeply worried. I would like to thank him on behalf of all in Rotherham UKIP for confirming for us that we are doing the right things.


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