UKIP Some reflections

“As 22 May draws even closer expect the virulent attacks on UKIP to increase, concerned over the potential loss of his £75k/year public purse income the leader in waiting has taken to social media to use every opportunity to attack his opponents, especially UKIP.

He even used an anti-UKIP poster with the derogatory/racist phrase the white underclass to score a political point; however this has worked against him, with Rotherham West voters unhappy with the way he takes them for granted.

Double standards comes to mind when you look at the current Labour election campaign, do they really think the electorate are that stupid not to consider an alternative to the mess that Labour have made of the town?

In a recent letter in the Rotherham Advertiser a Labour supporter critisied UKIP for not having a local living in Rawmarsh to represent the ward; however Rotherham can have a Labour MP who chooses to live outside of the town.

Boston Castle voters cannot get a straight answer on what is planned for Herringthorpe playing fields or the future of the Rugby Club, one view is that it will be so stomach wrenchingly bad that the plan is being kept under lock and key until after the local elections?

They talk about standards, the Deputy Leader is a conviction politician and the last MP served time.

Before going to jail the very same MP was welcomed back by the party with a large cake and a slap on the back from his close friends in Rotherham Labour.

Peter Thirlwall who exposed the dealings of MacShame was arrested for trying to ask public interest questions.

The ruling Labour group voted to remove home to school transport for all faith based schools while retaining two top of the range Audi cars, one for the use by the Mayor and one for the Leader to go to the chip shop.

Leader in waiting draws the public attention the number of Tories deflecting to UKIP, however remains totally silent over the defection of former Tory Cllr Darren Hughes to Labour and Hughes standing as a Labour MEP candidate.

Rotherham Labour openly supports mass immigration into the town, Stone jets off fact finding, Hussain gives a key note address to Yorkshire Migration and at least one if not two Labour Cllrs profit from payments via housing benefits paid directly to their bank accounts.

They rightly condemn the EDL, however again they gloss over the facts that they created the conditions for the EDL to target Rotherham. Each and everyone one of them, some with more knowledge of the scale of child rape in Rotherham than others hid behind the skirt of community cohesion as a reason not to act.

Using spurious statistics to justify the closure of Children’s Centre’s is yet another example of this out of touch administration, they are starting to look and sound like a typical Daily Mail reader with their bigoted attitudes, contempt for local democracy and a disdain for the white underclass.

The Trade Unions are used as mugs to add weight to the campaign and when the elections are over back in the cupboard.

Labour shows no signs of mending their ways; in fact they consider themselves untouchable so much so that Leader in waiting has already drawn up the list for his new cabinet.

I used to vote Labour, I am now seriously considering UKIP.

Voters will have a real opportunity for change on 22 May, use your vote wisely.”

Rothpol is grateful to the author of this post, originally left as a comment, thought it was too good to miss!


9 thoughts on “UKIP Some reflections

  1. UNISON, PCS et al you all do need to take a step back, reflect on just is what is going off in Rotherham and ask yourselves the question, should I be pouring members money into this morally bankrupt council?

    Man up (sorry if that is not PC) and stop UKIP from stealing votes from the heartland.

    Rotherham Labour Group are defunct of any links to its socialist past, Children’s Centre’s that could make a real difference to children’s lives are to be closed and all the while we have 10 members of the RMBC Cabinet enjoying wealth beyond the dreams of the average voter.

    An open door for UKIP.


  2. Firstly “Anonymous” the PCS is not affiliated to the Labour party and secondly UNISON (or any other union for that matter) does not pour money into Rotherham Council. UNISON does not put any money into any council or local Labour party. Apart form that your post is spot on!


    • Annon: I beg to differ, to be morally bankrupt you have had to have had morals to lose..Some of these people have had none to start with! Could a person with any morals kick and punch totally innocent people into needing hospital treatment and never offer any word of apology to his victims and after being convicted of the thuggish act of affray remain on the council as if nothing of any consequence had happened- and then act outraged if any one dared mention he was a convicted thug!


  3. Thank you Mr. Symonds for the correction about the PCS.
    However, and there is always an however, why is RMBC exploiting the resources of the PCS to attack (and rightly so) the EDL event?
    The PCS are being used and abused by Rotherham Labour Group, why would the PCS support the very same individuals who failed to stop the industrial scale rape and abuse of children in Rotherham?
    Is the PCS silent on this industrial scale crime?
    Another example of snouts in the trough Labour politicians hiding behind true socialists to fight the battles of the working class and I do mean all the working class not just the white working class, but every shade of skin colour and religion you could possibly think of.
    Take a step back PCS, you are being used to fight the EDL on behalf of a weak Labour controlled council who do not have the guts to fight their own battles.
    PCS members you are heads and shoulders above the new Labour/landlord Cllr`s.
    In a socialist world we are really in all this together, unlike the world of the 10 over paid RMBC cabinet members!


  4. Labour councillors in Rotherham suffer two main handicaps; Complacency and Incompetence.
    Complacency because they take their votes for granted and Incompetence because they are financially illiterate.
    Jahangir Akhtar’s semi-literate rants against UKIP expose and validate his fears that Labour’s failed policies are being exposed and real opposition to them in the Borough and council chamber is about to become a reality.
    If Akhtatr is confident that his and the Labour party’s contribution to our well being is positive then why is he attacking UKIP instead of trying to find something to show how the Labour party and its policies benefit all residents?
    His rants speak of desperation.
    damnant quod non intelligunt (They condemn what they do not understand)


      • I could have picked this one! The founder and former leader of Ukip, Professor Alan Sked told Huffington Post UK in November the party he launched in 1993 had become “extraordinarily right-wing” and is now devoted to “creating a fuss, via Islam and immigrants. They’ve got nothing to say on mainstream issues.”
        He said: “They’re not an intellectually serious party. Their views on immigrants and on [banning] the burqa are morally dodgy.”


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