Now some Questions for Deputy Leader Akhtar

In addressing the question a good starting point would be, who owns the following declared properties?
57 Clough Road,
37 Hartington Road,
95 Henley Grove
Road, Rotherham
8 Farm Drive,
130 Henley Grove
Road, Rotherham

How many of the tenants of the above have their monthly rent paid via housing benefit?
Why does RMBC support mass immigration into the town?
I do know if I was living next to a property with a sale flag in the garden and the Deputy Leader walked up the path I would be very worried.

14 thoughts on “Now some Questions for Deputy Leader Akhtar

  1. A glance at the electoral register will show that some of the occupants of these properties have slavonic and Asian names. Of course that doe not necessarily mean they are in receipt of housing and council tax benefit, but there’s a high probability they are. 8 Farm Drive is a newish property at Rawmarsh and would certainly bring in a higher rental income then the other properties and the register states a woman with an eastern European name is the occupant!


  2. I see in the box on his declaration of interests regarding employment, it states none.
    How interesting, unemployed but still manages to drag in over £65k plus any housing benefit from being a landlord.


    • Unemoyed landlord! Only labour are capable of coming up with things as such and get away with. Suggests town hall needs total overall. Sack the CEO and save our town


    • He’s not unemployed he’s a rentier and a part- time councillor.
      I see from this site that many other councillors beside Stone have been on Roma fact finding trips. Judging by the number of trips they have been on we must have some of the most knowledgeable councillors in the country regarding Roma. It also reveals that Akhtar and a RMBC officer on their trip to Marseille for a conference on the Roma were respectively given 265 and 180 euros each spending cash and there was me thinking such things were covered by the near £13K per year councillors receive for simply doing the job!


      • matt gladstone , the guy who said , roma kids play out in the snow at all hours in slovakia , got to hand it to this guy , he saw what was coming and left rmbc to go and work for barnsley council . good move matt . the rest are having a big laugh .


  3. Oh dear, conversation on Winterhill Road at the weekend as Cllr Akhtar passed by.

    That`s him who had to stand down from the council, I shan`t be voting for him, no me neither!


  4. the other side of the coin is , how many house’s are in other people’s names ?? i know one local councillor who puts property in his family names !


  5. Akhtar trying his best to promote the SCAB blog that will be front for his unpleasant attacks on any of his opponents, including the two Respect candidates.

    Why Trade Union activists support this SCAB blog when fellow union members are being made redundant by this man is beyond me.

    A question for Akhtar, will you ask HMRC to audit all of your and other landlord Cllr`s income?


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