Jolly good tales?

Tales from the Town Hall have published this piece about Rotherham Council troughing. Please click on image to view in full:

TFTTH Travel

10 thoughts on “Jolly good tales?

  1. Most of these trips were funded indirectly by the EU don’t we Rotherham Tax Payer’s contribute to the £53million a day we pay into the EU


  2. I’m not aware of Migration Yorkshire being funded by the E.U. I as understood it 10 councils in the county, including RMBC, fund it and Stone has been on quite a few trips on their behalf, all of them to study the Roma.


  3. To be honest, these foreign trips look like hard work to me. I’d rather have a couple of pints in my local pub than have to trek half way across the world in the company of someone I may not really like. I’m not defending these trips, as I don’t know anything about them, but they can’t be much fun.


    • Instead of questioning the necessity of these trips you’re concerned that they might not be much fun! If it’s a choice of being in freezing Rotherham in mid-winter or Valencia or Marseilles with spending money provided,I know were I ‘d rather be! As ronnie says they don’t have to travel to the other side of the EU to study the Roma. The Roma are not some mysterious group of people who have suddenly appeared from nowhere, there is plenty of information about them without all this travelling about Europe and there doesn’t appear to be any shortage of councillors willing to subject themselves to this gruelling hardship!


  4. OK, Malcontent and Ronnie, I agree about trips sometimes being a waste of money – not all, but some. In my day it was Bournemouth, London or Southport – places like that – but obviously things have changed.

    I don’t agree that councillors generally go on visits abroad just for the perks. Some may do, but not all. Attending conferences, etc. is hard work. Things may actually have improved though over the years. For those wanting the perks, I look back to 1974, where you didn’t need to set foot outside Rotherham. Take a Planning Committee meeting for example. After the morning site visits the bus would return to the Town Hall and everyone would assemble in the bar for an hour’s drinks. After that there’d be a sumptuous three-course lunch served in the Howard Room – and I mean, sumptuous – served with three wines. After that there’d be liquors and cigars, prior to the meeting starting.

    RMBC had inherited the old-style ways of the former Rotherham County Borough Council, but the new District Audit put a stop to a lot of it after just a couple of years.


  5. When they’ve got us more than half a billion in debt some one needs to put a stop to their lavish free spending of other peoples’ money.


    • But it won’t happen. There’s no-one out there to put a stop to anything unless it relates to social services or education. You can’t beat the system. All my experience tells me that external regulatory bodies are 100% useless. Even a change of political control won’t necessarily change things. The times when people like District Audit had teeth are gone.


      • If you can’t beat the system then change the system. But when the present system suits two of the main parties and when two thirds of the electorate can’t be bothered to vote I accept this is going to take some doing. As a start to raising the number of voters I advocate fines for failing to vote.


  6. Study the Roma. How. Simple can it be to see a penniless underclass move to another country and still be an underclass but ever so more richer through our benefit system. They are here and will contribute nothing here just as in their place of origin. Simples!


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