The battle for Wickersley

Brian Cutts has issued this leaflet as part of his campaign for the Wickersley Ward:

01_Scan23042014_0000201_Scan23042014_00003The Wickersley Campaign

12 thoughts on “The battle for Wickersley

  1. Is this the same Brian Cutts that used to be a Tory Councillor in Hellaby? Seem to remember he lost that ward by a fraction. New ward and new Party then. A good measure of loyalty to the electorate.


  2. All the best to Brian CUTTS and the UKIP team in the Wickersley Ward. Pleanty of Labour voters walking across the floor Robin supporting UKIP, must be down to the fraudster and jail bird Denis McShane unacceptable behaviour. Labour are frightened and have every right to be.


  3. I don’t hide behind a pseudonym and I don’t post lies or personal insults. The former is indisputable but it is up to individuals to decide whether I tell the truth. Frankly I don’t care what people think; I post on this blog as I enjoy political debate and believe it to be healthy. I have no axe to grind with Brian Cutts. He’s in his 80s and has given service to Rotherham as a Conservative councillor. I disagree with his politics but acknowledge the service he has given to the Council.
    However, Brian is now a UKIP candidate (like his fellow former Conservative councillors Parker and Turner). I also know that about 7 or 8 years ago he made an overtly racist comment in a meeting of the Wentworth Valley Area Assembly. I remember this vividly because I was not familiar with the phrase he used but I have since heard the same phrase used by a Tory peer – Lord Dixon-Smith and David Cameron said that the remark did not warrant the peer’s resignation (I think many people would disagree).
    I appreciate that Brian Cutts is of an age where such comments may have been tolerated and indeed David Cameron confirmed that such comments are tolerated within the Tory party.
    I would also draw your attention to a comment that is attributed to Brian Cutts, which was made in 2007 about Dolly Parton .

    I believe the comments are instructive as they show how Mr Cutts managed to objectify and sexualise one of the most successful female musical artists of modern times. Is it too hard to believe that Brian Cutts would make equally disparaging comments about another minority group as he would about women? I am prepared to put such comments down to Brian Cutts’ age but feel that prospective voters should know about his apparent prejudices. Is an 82 year old relic really what Wickersley needs?


  4. A potentially well argued comment, the inclusion of a number of inappropriate comments undermine the message.
    Northern College would be my next port of call on how to structure an evidenced based political argument.
    A bastion of free speech and well worth supporting!
    Keep going Mr. Symonds we do need a voice in Rotherham speaking out for the working class.
    Thank you.


  5. I have voted Tory all my life, I am now over 70, but not this time, I will be voting UKIP. The Tory party I have always supported would not have allowed the EU to dictate who we do and do not allow into our country and they would certainly not have allowed these Eastern European scroungers here to live off our benefits in the way they have been allowed to!


  6. The thing is Robin you can sling as much mud as you like at Mr CUTT’S, but at least hes an honest guy, not like your friend good old Denis McShane (Thief and jailbird) of this parish.
    Lets not forget it was over £10.000 of tax payers money that he fiddled people out of. Not one word from you about his activities though, which seems to have fallen on deaf ears.
    The People of Rotherham are not silly, the Rotherham Labour party have all had their snouts in the trough for far to long, but what hurts them the most,is the thought of getting their chocolates stopped. ~ Denis McShane the best recruiting sergeant for UKIP


  7. McShane was convicted and served a custodial sentence and rightly so. Not much more to be said on that one really is there (other than the sentence should have been longer)? Isn’t Farage currently under investigation for a similar thing? I seem to recall seeing something to that effect in that notoriously left wing rag – the Times.
    I never said that Brian Cutts isn’t honest. It’s his more negative traits that are a worry. I mean, we know other prominent UKIP members’ views on women but to refer to Dolly Parton as a “thirsty blonde” is a bit 1930s isn’t it.


  8. Strange how UKIP shy away from their deputy chairman, Neil Hamilton, when talk of honesty comes up. Also it would seem another racist UKIP candidate has bit the dust in another part of the country. Farage in Sheffield found himself in some difficulty when asked about his wife being his secretary, he said she was highly qualified. As the reporter delved deeper he said your wife is German is she not, Farage agreed, so isn’t she taking a job from an English person? Or are you saying that there is no one from this country qualified enough? After he had made the obvious quip of qualified to be my wife, He said it was different, but how can it be different? I defend anyone’s right to marry who ever they want but when you are attacking immigration as taking away British jobs then this makes Farage and the rest of UKIP hypocrites. Being able to cross from one party to another is not only hypocrisy but unprincipled.
    Dave Smith


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