Local Elections 2014 – Nominated Candidates

Nominated Candidates List, Download .pdf, Download .xls.

Formal Statement of persons nominated .pdf

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32 Responses to Local Elections 2014 – Nominated Candidates

  1. ronnie says:

    great to see a ukip candidate in rotherham east . bravo .

  2. Robin Symonds says:

    Glad to see the BNP have finally exited Rotherham politics. That’s got to be welcome news for everyone!

    • Colin Tawn says:

      Agree completely Robin.
      Politically the BNP is a spent force, shrunken membership and a shrunken (bankrupt) leader.
      Most BNP members have joined the child the BNP spawned; the EDL.

    • malcontent says:

      Let me stress that I’m not a BNP member, but they haven’t exited Rotherham politics . Just because they are not standing any candidates does not mean they are not politically active. Apparently they have decided not to stand in some wards (Rotherham West being a good example) in order not to split the vote and enable others to have a better chance of ousting some of the contemptible Labour councillors. Whether the BNP have finished as a political party we will be able to judge better after May 22nd. But even if they are finished the issues that caused them and the EDL to exist have certainly not gone away and anybody that thinks they have is deluding themselves!.

  3. Omar Mehban says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t buy that. The fact that even Marlene Guest isn’t standing in Wingfield is very telling. I’m not saying there’s definitely a deal between UKIP and the BNP, but this looks very suspicious to me. Too many standing in Boston Castle and West, which means the result is a foregone conclusion.

  4. Robin Symonds says:

    Of course UKIP and the BNP have done a deal. They always do in Rotherham and have never stood on each other’s toes. Caven Vines and Marlene will have cooked this up!

  5. Anonymous says:

    As much as it pains me to say it you are right Omar, the number of candidates in West and Castle will be a result for Labour.
    The East ward is so different, watch this one with interest.
    Good luck in Hellaby!

  6. John Wilkinson says:

    No Deal with any other party. UKIP are the main challenge to Labour in Rotherham

  7. “Most BNP members have joined the child the BNP spawned; the EDL.”
    That’s not really true. There is a bit of a crossover but it’s not as big as you would imagine. If you think back to the last EDL demo in Rotherham they managed to get around 300 from around the country to turn up which isn’t a big percentage of the latent support the far-right have had in Rotherham over the last 10 years.

    Some have joined the English Democrats, the harder edge of the BNP’s former support joined the NF but the biggest chunk will be voting UKIP or not bothering at all.

    • Colin Tawn says:

      In November 2011, the EDL formed an alliance with an offshoot of the British National Party (BNP), known as the British Freedom Party (BFP).
      Spawn. Child.
      I stand by my statement.

      I thought you were a man who checked his facts before hitting your keyboard.
      “Of course UKIP and the BNP have done a deal”. Righto, please provide the evidence for this statement and, if it is proven you can drink all night at my expense. Deal?
      Or is it just rhetoric and prejudice on your part?
      If you want to discuss alliances then try this for size:
      Trade Union & Socialist Coalition. The TUSC is the bastard son of the Socialist Party and has garnered not just the support of the SWP but the affiliation (and bankrolling ) of the RMT.
      The RMT is affiliated to the TUC as is your union, however the difference is I don’t make wild assumptions based on the dodgy theory of ‘Guilt by Association’.

      • Robin Symonds says:

        You can’t have it both ways Colin. You criticise the unions who are affiliated to Labour (note – the RMT isn’t). It would therefore be ludicrous to suggest that those same unions are affiliated to TUSC.
        You will know that in previous years UKIP and the BNP have not stood candidates in the same wards in Rotherham. Coincidence? I think not but of course it can’t be proven. That doesn’t mean it isn’t so.

      • malcontent says:

        Colin Tawn: Are you sure of your facts. You say most BNP members have joined the EDL. As far as I know you cannot join the EDL for they do not have a formal membership.

  8. Rob Sanderson says:

    Re: Robin Symonds post above. Wow! In order to link UKIP to the BNP I reckon you have used four types of fallacy, they being; Argumentum e silentio, Argumentum ad ignorantium, association fallacy and “Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc”, and all in three sentences which is pretty good going! Maybe the answer is the simple one i.e. UKIP do not, nor have ever wanted anything to do with the BNP who are now a broken organisation and so not fielding any candidates? Of course if this does not fit in with your own political prejudices than feel free to stick to your fallacious arguments.

  9. Robin Symonds says:

    For a member of a party that wants to stop open door immigration you don’t half use a lot of Latin!
    You have to admit that in 2008 the odds must have been astronomical of UKIP and the BNP managing to avoid each other in all but 1 of the 19 wards that were contested by either party (unless there had been collusion).

    • Rob Sanderson says:

      Robin, again you insist on using a fallacy to argue your point although thankfully just one this time.”Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc” is the false argument of correlation implies causation and is as all fallacies are, a non-argument. Why not try to get to the heart of the matter and ask whether UKIP and the BNP were/ are compatible enough to be able to arrange a pact the like of which you are so utterly convinced did/has taken place? I recommend you start by researching what a Libertarian(or Classic Liberal ) believes in to get a feel for my party and it’s values and then look up Fascist to get the gist of the BNP. If you can then argue(without resort to fallacy) that the two are logical political bedfellows then I will take my hat off to you.

      • Robin Symonds says:

        But it’s impossible to get a feel for UKIP on almost any issue other than the EU and immigration and on those issues there is a clear affinity with the BNP’s policies. Has Farage finished re-writing UKIP’s manifesto yet? That is a genuine question by the way.

  10. caven vines says:

    BNP have set their eyes on Europe Marleen Guest has put herself in the MEP Elections
    Reason no BNP in local elections I would guess is Money or lack of it what they have Marleen will want it all for herself in her quest to be a MEP now Standing against UKIP in MEP elections Any deal with BNP i think not

  11. Colin Tawn says:

    @Robin Symonds.
    “. That doesn’t mean it isn’t so.”
    As I mentioned previously thinking something has been done is not the same thing as providing evidence it has been done.
    I used the analogy of SWP/ RMT/TUSC in much the same way you tried to link BNP with UKIP. It cannot be proven but it might be true?

    • Robin Symonds says:

      But I don’t need to provide evidence. People can judge for themselves without empirical evidence.
      It’s interesting who UKIP seem to be attracting. The EDL now urging other nationalist parties not to stand candidates against UKIP!

      • Rob Sanderson says:

        The first two sentences are humdingers and sum up the intolerant streak in the left to anyone who offers different viewpoints. So it’s okay for you to smear good honest people by linking them to neo fascists and on top of that you believe you don’t even need to provide the evidence!
        You used nothing but fallacies in the posts above which was bad enough, but this is just very poor. A cynic may think it is because you have no evidence?

  12. Robin Symonds says:

    This site is littered with unsubstantiated slurs based on rumour and gossip, most of which are posted by anonymous users without a shred of evidence.
    Please take a look at the 2008 local election results and tell me, hand on heart, that it is mere coincidence that out of 19 wards UKIP and BNP managed to avoid each other in all but one.

  13. Robin Symonds says:

    Well the simple solution is to not publish my posts! Frankly I’m surprised you don’t find Mr Sanderson’s pseudo-intellectual Latin irritating but I suppose it suits this site’s agenda. I’m sorry you think I’m clutching at straws but I believe the 2007 and 2008 results are evidence of some degree of co-operation between UKIP and the BNP (something that is strenuously denied by Mr Sanderson who put me to proof on the subject). It seems that you never tire or get irritated by endless Labour-bashing even when it borders on obsessive and in some cases libel. Anyway I’ll bid you farewell now and leave this site’s contributors to themselves.

  14. Colin Tawn says:

    Instead of getting your nappy in a knot and taking your ball home why not try your best to defend yourself? Genuine criticism is part and parcel of posting on any forum. I’ve been subjected on here to wild accusations and innuendo but I’m old enough and experienced enough to handle them.
    I would not have expected a Unison representative to be thrown by posts that do not agree with your thought process. How on earth do you cope with stubborn employers, by walking out?
    You and I are at opposite ends of the political spectrum but that doesn’t mean your views or my views are not valid.
    Remember: No man nor group of men has the Monopoly on Truth and Wisdom.
    Healthy debate is part of our democratic right. Freedom of Speech old son.

    • Robin Symonds says:

      Thanks Colin. I can take criticism. I’ve had my fair share on here and I enjoy it to be honest. However, it is different when it comes from the administrator. Accusing me of clutching at straws was a bit rich, especially as he “clutched at the same straws” in 2012!

      • Colin Tawn says:

        There you go Robin!
        Us right-of-centre type persons are not all fascist ogres are we?
        I also enjoy healthy debates and it is refreshing to be able to post on a forum such as this where crude language is not allowed (unlike some social media sites). A policy I support 100%.
        To use daft management speak: ” Time to take a helicopter view and move forwards on a level playing field without negativity”.

        You know it makes sense (?)

  15. Anonymous says:

    Mr Symonds, a voice for reason and balance in this cesspit of a town.

  16. Colin Tawn says:
    April 25, 2014 at 4:09 pm
    In November 2011, the EDL formed an alliance with an offshoot of the British National Party (BNP), known as the British Freedom Party (BFP).
    Spawn. Child.
    I stand by my statement.
    The BFP wasn’t just an offshoot of the BNP and it didn’t last long or put up many candidates. Where they did stand they has some pretty low voting percentages. The only time the EDL tried to stand a candidate under their own banner was in Rotherham with Brian Bristow although he was an Independent.
    The peak membership number for the BNP was estimated to be around 14000 in the year after the last Euro elections. The current membership is somewhere around 1500 and still falling.
    Where have these former members gone?
    Some did join the BFP but that didn’t last long, some joined the English Democrats but they are falling apart at the seams, some joined the NF but their number of members is still only at around the 500 mark, some joined the British Democrats but they are still a very tiny organisation and I doubt they will last long.
    There are loads of other tiny splinter groups knocking around but the combined total membership off all these groups is still a lot less that what the BNP membership total was 3 or 4 years ago.
    For all their faults UKIP are usually good at blocking the former members of far-right groups.

  17. revsimcop says:

    The fact there are lots of Ukip candidates and not a single BNP one seems to undermine the argument that these two parties are colluding (unless BNP are so ashamed of themselves that they have to hide behind UKIP totally) Surely If BNP are alive enough to collude with UKIP they would have a few candidates? The fact rather supports the argument that BNP are k nackered.

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