The children at play?

Another blog from the same stable as rothbrad, someone is scared of losing their seat?

Attack blogs, such as this fine example, provide readers with more than enough insights into the workings of some, who seen determined to drag Labour into the gutter, here in Rotherham!

They also rarely last long as the necessary commitment is lacking. But while they exist, they provide entertainment and amusement for us keyboard warriors!

As usual, click on image to read:

rptake2 24_04_2014

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22 Responses to The children at play?

  1. revsimcopev says:

    By the way – I can’t see how a UKIP leaflet referring to 26 million people wanting our jobs and 75% of our laws being made in Brussels can be construed as “racist” – it doesn’t say 26 million black or Chinese (or any other ethnic group) nor mention any nationality including Belgians (who may be the major nationality living in Brussels). “Xenophobic” or “nationalist” maybe but definitely not racist. Hard to get proper debate going when the simplest terms leave people floundering. Seems that we on this blog site are not the only brain dead political commentators! “Ciao, au revoir, tag”, from one of your unfriendly-neighbourhood, closet right-wing, fruitcake racist.

  2. Upstart says:

    Looks like the ravings of a paranoid delusional fantasist to me, with a dystopian world boot!

  3. Colin Tawn says:

    A delusional rant from a fantasist.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Are there standards in political campaigning that ensures that those behind and I do mean even those well behind the tactic used are known to the public?

    Am I missing something, or is this new blog being used in an inappropriate way?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Irony will be lost on the Rotherham Labour Group.
    Great comment, keep them coming!

  6. Anonymous says:

    UKIP must have Rotherham Labour rattled.
    This new blog that peddles, RMBC propaganda say’s it all about the lengths certain Labour Cllrs will use to save their snout in the trough lifestyle.
    Very disappointing that Trade Union activists have commented on the SCAB blog, especially when rank and file members employed by RMBC have been made redundant with more redundancies in the pipeline.
    It didn’t take the individuals behind the blog to invoke the race card, who uses that tactic every time he is confronted about his conduct?
    What next, threatening video clips showing scenes of violence towards its opponents?

  7. ronnie says:

    oh the race card , if all else fails … its old and should now be put in the bin .

  8. I like Akhtars tweet, just come across this brilliant blog rothpol 2 don’t know who is doing it but it is brilliant. Seeing as how he is pushing it like mad I wonder who could be behind it.
    Dave Smith

  9. Anonymous says:

    SCABS are behind it.
    SCABS at work promoting RMBC propaganda.
    Probably the same individuals sat on the meshed buses who were escorted across the pit picket lines.
    No time for these types of SCAB bloggers, supporting a morally bankrupt council a council addicted to serial junketing while closing children’s centres then again RMBC and its controlling Labour group do have form when it comes to children best interests.
    The SCAB blog is silent on ten years of child abuse, the massive PFI debt, council staff redundancies, Cllr Landlords profiteering from immigration into the town.
    MacGregor would be proud of them!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Looks as if the Akhtar supporting SCAB site has hit a nerve with Cllr Hoddinott.

    If you follow the Twitter timeline back several days you will see Akhtar alerting the world to this new blog,

    His attempt of innocence is a bit rich.

    Then he has form for briefing against colleagues, Stone et al.

    Emma Hoddinott ‏@Emma_Hoddinott 12h

    @Jahangirakhtar not very comradely is it?


    Jahangir Akhtar ‏@Jahangirakhtar 12h

    @Emma_Hoddinott what do you mean ?


    Emma Hoddinott ‏@Emma_Hoddinott 12h

    @Jahangirakhtar have you read it?


    Jahangir Akhtar ‏@Jahangirakhtar 12h

    @Emma_Hoddinott read what ?


    Emma Hoddinott ‏@Emma_Hoddinott 12h

    @Jahangirakhtar that blog you’ve retweeted.
    Hide conversation


    10:19 AM – 27 Apr 2014 · Details
    Jahangir Akhtar ‏@Jahangirakhtar 11h

    @Emma_Hoddinott I see wat you mean now. It probably isn’t even a member of the party judging by the silly infantile comments about you 1/2


    Jahangir Akhtar ‏@Jahangirakhtar 11h

    @Emma_Hoddinott I only retweeted it after I saw Ken’s retweet and thought at least someone is challenging Rothpol 2/2

    • Fly on the wall says:

      Wonder what Ms Hoddinott would say, were she to learn that Akhtar was closely associated with the blog that attacked her?

  11. Anonymous says:

    A growing number of Labour Cllrs very unhappy with Akhtar over his involvement with the new political blog, highlighting a blog that attacks one of their own just weeks before the elections has gone down like a lead balloon.
    Several Cllrs have noted that the content of a number of the posts include information from a senior Labour Cllr.
    The tide may just be turning with support in short supply for Akhtar, he has over stepped the mark on this one.
    Mutterings include, enough is enough, time he lost the whip, must be stopped from becoming Leader, after the Times debacle now this, he is a liability, so much for political loyalty.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Must be a coincidence.
    Emma Hoddinott tipped to be the next Leader of RMBC, anti-Hoddinott post appears on the new blog
    Dave Smith who humiliated Akhtar with is argument, anti-Dave Smith post appears on the new blog
    The blog is receiving briefings from a senior Labour Cllr that’s for sure.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    The Children at Play, how appropriate!
    Posting a number of photographs of contributors to social blogs the children have managed to get even this simple task wrong.
    They should have gone to Spec-Savers!
    If I was the individual whose picture had been used I would be asking questions of this shower.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I see why this blog has been tagged the SCAB site, silence on Cllr Landlords profiting from immigration into the town, silence on serial junketing, silence on the two Audi limo`s, silence on the Mayors feast, silence on the loans to mates, silence on gifts and hospitality the list goes on.
    Not silent on attacking Cllr`s Ellis and Hoddinott and the MP Kevin Barron.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This blog is an affront to free speech, anyone that does not follow their warped view of the world is branded a racist.
    Stand up for the right for free speech and you are attacked by this nasty, spiteful blog.
    Interesting to note that they seem to condone the vandalism of political posters, you may not agree with the UKIP message, however they still have the right to get their message to the public.
    They draw parallels with former Conservatives moving to UKIP but remain silent on Darren Hughes, rank hypocrisy.
    I note that the use of pejorative and ageist language in many of the comments is acceptable on this blog.
    The syntax on the blog suggests that the comments are being drafted by the same small number of individuals using different names, how clumsy.
    If Sue Ellis loses to UKIP the finger will be pointed at Akhtar for promoting this misogynistic blog.

  17. caven Vines says:

    Just to let the anti social behaviour team in Rotherham West and Boston castle wards know they will need to buy more paint.
    UKIP are putting the second wave of Billboards up for them to vandalise and bring even greater publicity for our campaign

  18. Anonymous says:

    Akhtars blog seems to be having a rough old time from his colleagues, the attack on Cllr Sue Ellis has backfired in a way the scabs never thought possible.
    His attack on Ellis, Hoddinott and Barron has gone down like lead balloon with the party.
    Thanks to Akhtar Ellis will lose to Cutts.
    UKIP must think that he is a fully paid up member and working undercover to support their campaign.
    Does anyone know what role Akhtar had in ending Cllr Hoddinott`s attempt at securing the Heeley nomination?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Just how much damage can one man do, before the Labour Party deals with him?
    Destroying his own chances of re-election is one thing but sacrificing his comrades is quite another!
    Who does Akhtar think he is fooling with his denials? Not this commenter, that’s for sure!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Anyone believe Akhtar is not behind rothpoltake2? Na thought not!
    What worries me most is just how infantile Akhtar actually is? A grown man with the development of a child, who is Deputy Leader of all things? Only in Rotherham would he be tolerated, scum labour Rotherham is most apt as a descriptive name for these fools in labour group

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