The battle for Wickersley – Labour Response

This leaflet has been widely distributed by Sue Ellis in the Wickersley Ward as part of her campaign for re-election:



15 thoughts on “The battle for Wickersley – Labour Response

    • Perhaps some reasons would be helpful to debate, rather than simple statements of voting intention. I am sure you must have reasons, would be happy for you to share them.


      • I will not make a list but to be fair I have yet to meet someone who has mentioned her skill set is useful to the community she represents instead I am told she is controlling and arrogant like most people who are underachievers and does nothing without it benefitting herself.


  1. Jo Burtons flyer appeared through the letter box yesterday in Anston. As usual she is attacking UKIP and trying to mislead people with false information. It was a glossy A3 flyer, it must have cost a packet if it went to all the homes in Anston and Woodsetts and I understand her campaign must be less than £1100 in real terms. The flyer was delivered through the door with Yourmag. I don’t know how I can provide a copy of it, with it being so big. Cheers Tim


  2. Sue Ellis’s leaflet is similar in tone and content to other Labour party leaflets currently being delivered. In the one’s I have seen Labour tries to disparage and attack UKIP but it is mere Huff and Puff from a discredited political party and instead of concentrating on local issues Labour councillors are copying and pasting sections of the Labour party national manifesto with little or no mention of what they can and will do for the hard pressed electors they have misled since last being elected.
    Typical Labour party tactics, attack the opposition whilst at the same time failing to promote positive policies. If this is the best Labour can do then they deserve to fail miserably.


  3. Rumor in RMBC is that Cllr Hoddinott could be next leader of the council, would reflect her determination to get to the top.

    Lots of support from other Cllrs not in the Akhtar camp.


  4. Having read the Labour, UKIP, Conservative, Respect and an Independents leaflet, the only one that actually appeals to me is the Independent Dave Smith and he is not in my ward.
    Labour`s smacks of sheer panic over the rise of UKIP, if the Sunday polls are accurate the main three parties have a problem. Their attempts to smear UKIP look to be back firing on them.
    UKIP`s leaflet, could do better, much better, take a look at the Independents include a list of Labour failings, you could even add to the list especially in Rotherham East and West with the profiteering Cllr Landlords.
    Respect, could be like the Independents, need to highlight the damage done to the town by Labour.
    Conservative, lacked any real alternative to Labour, in fact their message looked like Labour light.


  5. i agree with the landlords in rotherham east and west , this could do with been addressed by ukip a bit more also , boston caste ward , no mention of the herringthorpe playing fence or doncaster gate hospital episode on ukip leaflet , both these are major issues.


  6. Come on UKIP, make your leaflets relevant to the locals in the ward you are fighting, Rotherham Labour are giving you an open door!


  7. I really cannot work out why Deputy Leader Akhtar would risk Cllr Sue Ellis being beaten by an opposition candidate, his re-tweeting of the link to the new blog must be one of the most underhand tricks you could play.
    The new blog makes a savage attack on Cllr Ellis; it would influence a significant numbers of voters to think again about voting for her.
    No doubt he has his reasons, let’s hope that one of the ten wards Labour estimate they could lose in the local elections Rotherham West is one of them, that would be justice.


  8. Cllr Ellis, you have a problem, considerable damage has been done to your campaign by your Deputy Leader with his very open support of the new blog, his attempts to row back from the damming statements are to no avail as the damage has been done.
    When the dust has settled the Labour Group do need to take stock of why he is allowed to conduct himself in such a manner.
    He is not at risk from UKIP, you are.
    He will be re-elected; there is every chance you will lose to UKIP.
    Over to you Cllr Ellis!


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