Dave Smith enters the battle for Dinnington

Dave Smith, the Independent candidate for Dinnington Ward, states his case:

leaflet 1leaflet2

Something smells in Dinnington?

“The contempt that the Labour borough councillors show for the people they are supposed to represent can be plainly seen in Dinnington.

The town council voted for a 3% precept rise, when it came back from Rotherham on to our bills this had risen to 3.7%, not a word from Falvey, Havenhand and Tweed our three borough and town councillors.

The borough council, ably assisted by our own borough councillors, closed the council information centre in Dinnington. The town council requested it be put on the list of community assets, at this vote in the town council Falvey, Havenhand voted for it to be listed and Tweed was the one who proposed it; Rotherham turned them down.

One of our churches offered to buy it, this also was refused by RMBC. Then all goes quiet until we see a great picture opportunity for the sister act, Falvey and Havenhand outside our council offices with an organisation called JADE.

A once private company that purports to help hundreds of young people, they hold raves etc. In the Advertiser article JADE say that negotiations have been going on for months, they couldn’t have done it without the help of Falvey and Havenhand. Up until September last year they were a private company, then they suddenly decide to get charity status. This could be some thing to do with the fact that they have got the building from RMBC on asset transfer, and the rules are they must be a charity; but the borough council refused our town council when they wanted it put on the list of community assets.

So whilst our town council, of which Falvey and Havenhand are members, were trying to get the use of the building; this sister act were plotting along with JADE to snatch it from under their noses.

These offices are in the middle of a council bungalow complex. At the same time they were voting to sack three council youth workers for the Dinnington area.

Could this be the beginning of privatisation of youth services in Rotherham, we also need to keep a close eye on our children’s centre maybe Jade and the sister act have their eyes on this as well.”

Dave Smith

8 thoughts on “Dave Smith enters the battle for Dinnington

  1. Good luck Mr. Smith.
    I do hope other parties use the same key messages in other wards, they are relevant to locals, it sets out the track record of Rotherham Labour, and it is the truth.


  2. Dave. Don’t you think if you get together with 51% of ward councillors, you could break RMBC down into the smaller area’s that existed pre to 1975. This would ensure that Dinnington and Anston don’t subsidise other area’s of Rotherham at our own expense. Cheers Tim


  3. excellent Leaflet.
    I bet Labour`s Cllr Falvey`s leaflet says nothing of what she will do for Dinnington. As usual it will “slag” of the Condems, and more to the point UKIP. Labour this time round are running scared of UKIP.
    I would say to all those in Dinnington, regardless of Political affiliation, Vote for Dave, I can guarantee he will speak up for Dinnington against the “soiled” and “discredited” Labour Party.
    Discredited because when asked to vote at the Children`s Centre Consultation if they ( Falvey and Havenhand) wanted to keep the Centres open, they raised their hands and voted in favour. Yet these two had already voted previously at the town hall to accept the Budget cuts, and thus shut them down.
    They never thought Dave would turn up at the Town Hall to see which way they would vote.
    I challenge them to come on this site and prove me wrong.


  4. It’s a very well produced leaflet and the most professional looking one I’ve seen from any candidate so far.
    Also it’s true which has a novelty value Dave!
    Nice one, I know who I’m voting for.


  5. Dave I wish you well at least we have one common thread we both want to free our town of this lot and do the right thing for the community we serve.and our town. But believe me Dave as an Independent you will struggle to get things changed I know been their but that said I for one respect any one willing to put their name in the ring and have a go instead of just sat at a computer slagging every one off but not got the bottle to stand up and be counted Good Luck.


  6. Looks like the SCAB site has taken offence at some plain speaking from Dave Smith and is taking the RMBC line, we really are worth it, we will profit from immigration and we will keep our £75k/year income.

    Or could the offence becoming from Leader in Waiting who was given a rough ride by Dave Smith?

    Akhtar was off is home turf and was out of his depth.

    Howls of laughter from the Labour Club as the SCAB site peddles their spurious, out of touch messages, they cannot contain their laughter after finding someone so gullible to be their stooge!


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