Neil Hamilton behaving badly?

Politics in Rotherham has always been robust, shall we say, but it would appear in Rawmarsh they go one better, with this obvious attempt at intimidation.

This kind of unacceptable and frankly childish behaviour just brings the Labour Party into disrepute! Whatever UKIP are doing, Labour are alarmed by it and are now behaving so badly because they are fearful of the backlash!

Firstly Caven reported the occurrence thus:

I think labour councillors should go on anger management courses It certainly looks like UKIP have them rattled in Rawmarsh today one of our leaflet people was accosted in the street with a torrid verbal assault and tried to ram our leaflet down his jumper.
Cllr Neil Hamilton stopped his car and attacked our man this morning in Rawmarsh with a verbal rant.
Looks like bad behaviour is a must to be a Labour Councillor
Well they are certainly showing their true colours this time.

This then came in from Rob Sanderson:

I was the UKIP man who had the pleasure to be accosted by Mr Hamilton this morning. He clearly did not wish to enter into any kind of dialogue, just ripped up Caven’s leaflet to try to stuff down my jumper and briefly trotted out the usual yawn inducing stuff about racism before turning on his heels.
To be honest it was quite pitiful to watch a grown man behaving in such a way but it is a clear sign, albeit a childish and petulant one, that Rotherham Labour are deeply worried. I would like to thank him on behalf of all in Rotherham UKIP for confirming for us that we are doing the right things.

17 thoughts on “Neil Hamilton behaving badly?

  1. It just goes to show you why LIEBOUR have had it to easy for years in Rotherham,working tax paying people in rotherham thought they were voting for LIEBOUR to look after their intrests,no they would sooner look after every piece of scum from all over the world and house them in rotherham,FREE along with all their benefits,when our own young working people cannot afford to rent these houses and our pensioners who have worked all their lives get less income than this scum,well done Rodger Stone,and you say theres nothing you can do,its goverment policy,thats why you got your knighthood,not for looking after rotherham folk who were born here,but towing the line to keep fetching in all the scum.I HOPE people will wake up and see what as happened to Rotherham under LIEBOUR in the last 30 years,this town as become a shit hole,and to think Sara champion sat outside the town hall thinks its great.People of rotherham think before you vote for the same old Liebour,you only will get the same shit.


  2. Is Hamilton’s behaviour a real sign Labour are in trouble? Yes it is. Faced with the loss of members and voters the local Labour party is showing its true colours, if all else fails resort to bullying and violence.
    Only last week Labour councillors were shouting loudly for the EDL march to be stopped in Rotherham but here we have evidence of a Labour councillor displaying the tactics he and his party profess to despise.
    You could’nt make it up.


  3. I hope Rob Sanderson has reported this incident to the police. This is criminal behaviour at the run up to an election by Hamilton and should be dealt with a such.
    With regard to the comment by Colin re Labour councillors shouting that the EDL march be stopped in Rotherham. Don’t forget the last time the EDL marched in Rotherham, that thieving piece of scum, McShame was actually filmed shouting obscenities in public at the EDL members. I think it should be the Rotherham against fascism or whatever it’s called which should be banned as it appears to be they who cause the trouble, not the EDL.
    I don’t support the EDL in any way but I do defend their right to demonstrate. If Rotherham against fascism were stopped, the EDL march would become a damp squib. To me, it’s common sense but Rotherham Labour would never see that.


    • I must confess that I don’t know Neil Hamilton and one should not judge a book by its cover but he looks about as intimidating as my 92 year old grandmother!
      I think a sense of perspective is required here. I doubt that SYP would have the time or resources to deal with such a piffling incident. Rothpol have hit the nail on the head here to describe the alleged behaviour as “childish”. Trying to stuff a torn up leaflet down Mr Sanderson’s jumper hardly warrants the full force of the law.


  4. Certainly make a report of this criminal behaviour to South Yorkshire Police, even though they are very corrupt.
    At the moment we are building up a civil class-action against Labour and violent scumbags like Unite Against Fascism and every Police complaint will help.


  5. Time to call the police ,and one of the where there’s blame there’s a claim companys,this man has obviously been trained by akhtar


      • Where he resides is immaterial IMV.
        McKinstry lays the blame for most of our social problems fairly and squarely where they belong;
        On the lying and double dealing Labour party which used mass immigration as a tool to drive down wages and lied to the British people about the effects on our society of uncontrolled immigration.

        Tim: Wrong Hamilton.

        Back on topic:
        If a UKIP councillor/candidate did what Hamilton did it would be headline news but a Rotherham councillor-perhaps taking his lead from a convicted thug who is deputy leader-believes he can get away with assaulting an opponent because he’s a member of the ruling party. (Shades of North Korea)
        I urge Mr.Sanderson to report this to both the Police and Roger Stone because A) it is common assault and B) Stone will have to hold an inquiry. Reported properly an investigation into assault by a Labour councillor just before the local and european elections is valuable publicity for UKIP.
        You read it here first.


  6. If the Person who tried to stuff the leaflet down some ones jumper, physically touched the other person, then that is an assault. Assault is a criminal offence. The reason these Labour Cllrs act in this way is because the are fully aware that the Standards Committee will not move against them. Labour`s Mantra her in Rotherham is simple, if they disagree with you and say so, Bully them.
    Regional Office in Newcastle take note (we know you read this), the Labour reputation here in Rotherham is getting worse and the Labour name is being dragged through the mud.
    When you have Long standing Labour supporters turning against their own Party, I for one, if I was leader, would be carrying out an investigation and getting rid of someone.
    What a gift for UKIP


  7. racist rotherham labour partys teminology for anybody who believe that those that break the law should be prosecuted irrespective of their race or creed


  8. in a week of complete shame for the town of rotherham its good to see we have a knight in shining armour in the guise of a councilor n hamilton who one and only positive contribution to the good people of rotherham has been alteration of the 109 bus route.


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