More than mere coincidence?

Observations too good to miss:

“Must be a coincidence.
Emma Hoddinott tipped to be the next Leader of RMBC, anti-Hoddinott post appears on the new blog
Dave Smith who humiliated Akhtar with is argument, anti-Dave Smith post appears on the new blog
The blog is receiving briefings from a senior Labour Cllr that’s for sure.”

Another observed:

“A growing number of Labour Cllrs very unhappy with Akhtar over his involvement with the new political blog, highlighting a blog that attacks one of their own just weeks before the elections has gone down like a lead balloon.
Several Cllrs have noted that the content of a number of the posts include information from a senior Labour Cllr.
The tide may just be turning with support in short supply for Akhtar, he has over stepped the mark on this one.
Mutterings include, enough is enough, time he lost the whip, must be stopped from becoming Leader, after the Times debacle now this, he is a liability, so much for political loyalty.”

Yet another not to be missed:

“Wonder what Ms Hoddinott would say, were she to learn that Akhtar was closely associated with the blog that attacked her?”

All is not well in labour ranks or so it would appear?

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16 thoughts on “More than mere coincidence?

  1. Time Labour dealt with this man, who seems to be hell bent in destroying others chances of election this year, as a direct result of his childish antics. Time to suspend him!


  2. To whom it may comcern please be aware of Jahngir he is an evil man and for him to becoming a leader of the council he will do anything.
    We know he paid of 5 councillors to become deputy leader and his always back stabbed Roger Stone.
    On Rogers face he will be his puppy.
    Please get rid of this evil person.
    Are we that desperate that there are no decent labour councillors apart from jahngir.
    All the labour councillors are aware this ROTtake 2 jahngir is behind it.
    Look how his venum towards his fellow colleague on th BOG oops blog.


      • I will be voting for sarah kiran for Respect Party in Rotherham West as she is good candidate standing against Asbo Akhtar, my vote going to her as she tells people what she means 🙂
        Good candidate and good personality.
        Perhaps read about Sarah Kiran manifesto and people are all proud off her from all nationalities in the community.
        Asbo creating enemies from all angles sarah kiran got a good profile she is such a good person to work with.


  3. I can understand why Labour are tired of Akhtar, no loyalty to his colleagues, the party or the town.
    An individual making sheds of money from immigrant housing, taking every £ he can from the public purse and all the time disseminating stories via this new blog that totally undermines one of his colleagues.
    I can see how you would want to disparage a political opponent, but a member of your own party?
    Then again I suppose in Akhtar`s eyes Cllr Hoddinott is an opponent!


  4. Jahanger akhtar better watch out his days are numbered. The Respect Party have a extremely credible intelligent young lady standing in the West Ward, her name is Sahra Kiran.
    Nobody had the guts to stand up to this bully in the Asian community until now. This 5’4″ 24 year old young lady is standing up fearlessly to this bully and she has many followers.


  5. They say politics is a dirty game and to prove it out comes the heir to Bradpol blog, again with the fingers of Cllr Akhtar all over it.
    Like Bradpol the site is a mouth piece for Cllr Ahtar and his warped sense of right and wrong,
    A recent white underclass tweet shows him at his worst, not only is he prepared to use racist material to laugh at the Rotherham West electorate he even uses the blog to undermine Cllr Emma Hoddinott, she must be pleased, looking at the Twitter exchange I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the exchange continued away from social media.
    The reality of the threat that UKIP presents to each of the three main parties goes beyond the race card attack, the electorate are fed up to the back teeth of self serving politicians both in Westminster and here in Rotherham taking them for granted.
    In Akhtar we have an example of that type of politician, has a serious conviction, brought the town into the national media spotlight with the most recent Times story, an individual who openly supports mass immigration into the town while behind the scenes profits from the immigrants arrival.
    States that he is unemployed yet manages to enjoy a lifestyle way out of the reach of the white underclass, this is down to the amount of money he takes in from RMBC, Police CC Deputy etc, and this exceeds £65,000 a year.
    No wonder UKIP appeals to voters.
    If I was a Labour Cllr in Rotherham I would be watching my back, on 22nd May this man will seriously damage your chances of being re-elected.


  6. I am failing to understand why the Deputy Leader of RMBC Cllr Akhtar would be culpable in disseminating information about a blog that smears one of his fellow Labour Councillors.
    A cursory glance at his Twitter account lists two separate occasions when he promoted the site to a much wider audience, 19th April and 24th April 2014, the blog then ran its smear against Cllr Hoddinott on 25th April with the Twitter exchange between the two Labour members on 27th April.
    We know that Cllr Akhtar has form when it comes to briefing against colleagues, this plumbs new depths even for him, no wonder UKIP are rubbing their hands at this level of Labour in-fighting!


  7. Another coincidence?
    Elephants never forget, The Tiser reported that a member of the public calls Cllr Akhtar a thug and by coincidence the very same individual finds himself mentioned on the new blog


  8. “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

    Question, when does coincidence end, and circumstantial proof begin?


  9. More to the point, why is Cllr Akhtar promoting the new blog, a blog that smears his Labour colleagues?
    I can’t recall any of those smeared by the blog being so disloyal when he stood down!


    • Akhtar’s comrades stayed loyal during his period of exile, why doesn’t he repay the debt with dignity, instead of stabbing some of them in the back?
      He only ever thinks of himself and could not possibly be mistaken for a team player!
      His online antics are damaging labour support across the borough, he is making labour look ridiculous and bringing disrepute on all labour candidates everywhere!


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