14 thoughts on “UKIP on the march – The Times

    • Cigpapers,

      I’m no fan of Labour but I’ve just read some of your blog posts by clicking on your name. I just wanted to let everyone know that you do not speak for this particular member of the British working class. As a fan of civil liberties, I would defend your right to publish your blog, even with its despicable racist views, but please don’t associate me with you. I don’t want you claiming any kinship with me thanks.

      PS: Colin, you and the Ukippers on here should take a click before you start engaging.


      • Racist Wareen? I think you need to read up a bit on politics instead of getting your opinions from the BBC.
        Opposing the multicultural genocide of White Nations isn’t racist but supporting it certainly is.
        There are some book reviews on my blog which may help you gain a political education free from PC brainwashing.


      • Cigpapers,
        BBC? Nope.
        PC brainwashing? Hardly.
        ‘Multicultural genocide of White Nations? Cigpapers, they’re after me (figuratively) ‘cos I’m deemed to be a useless eater, not because I’m white. They’re after me for telling people about falsified safety data released by big pharma, not because I’m white. They’re after me because this financial universe no longer needs me and the rest of the 99.9% to generate wealth for the already rich, not because I’m white. They’re after me because I don’t believe them on fracking, not because I’m white. They’re after me because I support the likes of Bill Maloney at PnM Films, not because I’m white…. I could go on.
        This list could be as long as your arm. The establishment could hate me for many things, but I’m damned sure my skin colour isn’t one of them.


      • Warren my blog broke the following stories that the whole World then picked up on:
        1. Elm Guest House VIP Paedo Party Guest List – I was the first to obtain the original documents and publish them.
        2. The British Royal Family Being Secretly Jewish – I broke this story which was then picked up on all over the net and on Press TV in Iran and the Naijah national newspaper in Nigeria.
        3. Harriet Harman of the Paedophile Information Exchange Wears a Butterfly Brooch – I was the first blog to pick up on the fact Harman wore a paedophile insignia brooch. This has now been featured in many national newspapers.
        4. Lambeth Police Station Paedophile Sex Ring Dungeon Scandal – I broke this story first which was rubbished by the alternative and mainstream media before being proved true by Freedom Of Information Act Requests.
        5. Is Peter Tatchell A Paedophile Or Simply Misunderstood? – I did the investigative work on this article which has now been used by several national newspapers.
        6. Hell Arrives: Jewish Camp Designed To Indoctrinate White Boys Into Homosexuality – again this article was initially rubbished before being embraced as true.
        I could go on and on but I’m not here to blow my own trumpet.


  1. Unfortunately the Labour leadership needs to read this in the Grudian, the Times is not one of their preferred reading sources.
    It is a fact UKIP is attracting people from across the political spectrum and both major parties will suffer at the ballot box because of their refusals to counteract the proposals put forward by UKIP.
    Labour is no longer the party that represents hard working people and voters intend to give them a swift kick in retaliation.
    Oh dear how sad, Not.


  2. There are many like myself who left labour for Ukip however when people say we are racist is just makes me smile at such a poor response to the real issues they do not want to engage in. Let’s make May the Month of UKIP!


    • Anon,
      there’s a massive difference between UKIP and ‘Cigpapers’. UKIP are a political party and Cigpapers is a holocaust denier. I certainly haven’t accused UKIP of being racist, nor does talking about immigration make you a racist. I’m trying to warn Colin not to fall for such an obvious stunt as associating themselves unwittingly with a racist blog. That often comes back to haunt you just prior to a vote. I’m sure you, as a UKIP supporter, wouldn’t want that either? I’ll settle for an election that’s as fair as we, the public, can make it – cos the politicos won’t care about fair.


      • “holocaust denier”? You certainly have all the trite little mantras that the zioMSM put out.
        Ever considered thinking for yourself instead of letting other peole do it for you?
        According to your mathematics 15.2 minus 15.8 equals 6.


  3. Rick. What’s this spam site I am hearing about. I believe I am in the dead centre of politics when I support UKIP and can’t understand how they can accuse us of being right wingers. I am an ex Tory from the 90′s for the reason that they would have crucified the country, if they didn’t have the Liberals wagging their tail. The trouble is we have had the worst Tory and Liberal policies. Cheers Tim


  4. The particular piece didn’t seem racist to me, just making some uncomfortable observations about the preoccupations of a slightly left of centre middle class elite who gave managed to hi jack the Labour Party. The call to execute a few was where the fascistic or Stalinist leanings of the cigs blog were let out of the bag!
    Robin Cook is right if you take a long historical view. Only people who speak Welsh and Cornish are really “Brits” but we have a long tradition of controlled welcome to foreign groups since the conquest (Vikings, Angles, Danes and Normans are a different story)
    But generally we need to ask about the cost of current uncontrolled immigration, both social and economic. While many immigrant workers do contribute they are obviously accompanied by their families, and rightly so – but this is where the social, environmental and economic cost for public services rockets with demands on housing, welfare, schools and benefits. My wife works in a school where 97 % of children speak no English. The strain on staff and additional costs are horrendous. Yes, it is probably true that some white working class people are feckless and wont work at some jobs, but this is probably because the wages are rubbish and can’t support their expectations, and these are in turn fuelled by the consumerist agenda of the economic system. So even where they are prepared to work, both parents (in both migrant and indigenous families, in facts, have to take jobs, with consequent negative impact on family life, children’s well being and behaviour. This in turn means additional costs for everyone including schools, who are, again, expected to take up the strain (children arriving in school unsocialised, lacking basic skills, behaviour and sometimes not even toilet trained – total total lunacy)

    Now it’s my turn to be a Stalinist. Part of the answer must be a number of measures that need to be introduced together as a comprehensive economic and social programme.
    Firstly, to increase wages significantly, widening the gap between wages and benefits to truly make work pay and motivate labour.
    Secondly, Smaller companies can be compensated by cuts on corporation tax or by mutual agreements to allow slightly smaller wages increases or profit sharing schemes.
    Thirdly, sort out the tax system to make multi nationals and larger employers actually pay their way (with possibility of them paying slightly less corporation tax too, as long as they pay their fair share). This will release billions.
    Fourthly, Restrict immigration until the number of jobless people in the country is effectively zero and make massive savings on the benefits bill.
    Fifthly, control cost of living through a strict pricing regulation that stops companies ripping people off , particularly in the areas of essential living costs such as food, energy, clothing and housing.
    Sixthly, give particular attention to other basic rights such as the cost of health care, child care, geriatric care and legal representation, ensuring that these are run as nationally regulated, freely available services where possible and strictly controlling how much money is made from these activities. Plus a more rigorous control of banking, setting up a national bank if necessary to grease the wheels of investment and not bail out the failures and support a mad bonus culture. Where companies won’t invest in these essential areas then nationalise, using money from improved tax and budgetary regimes to do so. Not everything needs to make a profit.
    Seventh, introduce much stronger budgetary control of government spending with an amnesty on Pfi deals (scrap them, effectively), and stringent monitoring and penalties for companies that fail to deliver quality services. Introduce very heavy fines for those who breach safety and care guidelines especially where vulnerable people are abused.
    Eighth, make schools places where children are educated. Revolutionary! Put the onus back onto parents to socialise and teach things like behaviour, social skills and citizenship. Give schools power to exclude children who are deficient in these areas with parents being responsible for “training” until the child has caught up , with all support necessary from professionals but losing work days and income from those better wages until the job us done. This will concentrate their minds on who is really responsible. All this backed up by a properly funded truancy, community health and school improvement service. Give schools true freedom to run their own curricula so they actually tackle the real academic needs not those imposed by a Whitehall dystopia.
    Finally, overhaul the political system to make it truly engaging and representative with proportional representation, severe and rigorous control and crackdown on electoral fraud, expense fiddling, civil servants and politicians progressing onto company boards and a severe restriction on lobbying and party funding to focus politicians minds on whom they are actually representing. This needs to be accompanied by a lot of kicking and screaming in the Eu to reform it from within, if possible, rather than leaving it straight away. Leave it later if the political elites of Brussels also fail to listen. Be prepared to give more foreign aid to give other countries a leg up so Britain is not seen as the promised land.

    None of these measures will be introduced of course because, as cigs is right to point out (despite his other ravings), the political and economic elites of this country and Europe are too wedged up each other’s backsides. They have forgotten about human responsibility or any notion of serving the public good to make these common sense and easily enacted things happen.


  5. Hi Rev,
    ‘The particular piece didn’t seem racist to me’. Maybe not Rev, but look at the sidebars at his or her other posts:

    ‘Join The British Truth Movement – Stop White Genocide’
    ‘Hell Arrives: Jewish Camp Designed To Indoctrinate White Boys Into Homosexuality’
    ‘White Europeans – The EU’s Final Solution Is Genocide’
    ‘Is The British Royal Family Secretly Jewish?’
    ‘Former Greek Justice Minister: Golden Dawn Assault was Ordered by International Jewry’

    If we are going to comment on an article on Cigpaper’s blog, we have a responsibility to point out to people the disgusting racist claptrap that surrounds it. Two people I’d expect to condemn this nonsense clearly and thoroughly as judged by comments on previous posts, yourself and Robin Symonds, have both made little reference when commenting. Even Rik has said nothing. I’m only surprised because it’s not like there isn’t precedent on here for calling out another blog with disturbing content (remember the Terminator video? RothBradPol?)

    To be clear, the link above from Cigpapers is a piece by a Daily Express writer attacking the left, but to read it you have to visit Cigpaper’s neo-nazi, white supremacist, jew-hating blog. That’s up to the reader of course, but at least they should know what they are clicking on.

    PS: Once again Rev, what you propose makes sense to me and you’d have my vote.


    • “neo-nazi, white supremacist, jew-hating blog”?
      Hardly Warren – it’s a left of centre truth-seeker blog.
      If it’s your first trip away from the zionist controlled MSM then it may rattle your cage a bit otherwise it will seem pretty normal.


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