Private Eye Rotten Boroughs – Roma Therapy

My copy of Private Eye No1365 dropped through my letterbox this morning containing this little gem in Rotten Boroughs:

PE 1 May 2014See also: Rotherham East

Previously: A question for Cllr Shaukat Ali?

7 thoughts on “Private Eye Rotten Boroughs – Roma Therapy

  1. Eleven, did they say eleven?

    Cough, splutter, LOL, they have must got their sums wrong, so typical of Private Eye.

    Who else will receive the call from Private Eye about their buy-to -rent portfolio ?

    Thanks to the new blog this will become a big election issue, so very pleased the new blog is being supported and being given plenty of Twitter time by senior members of RMBC.


  2. PE states G4 Security handles placements of refugees and asylum seekers, but the Roma are neither! They are merely fellow citizens of our wonderful EU who have taken advantage of their right to relocate in mass to another country in order to better themselves, admittedly doing so courtesy of our free welfare system. and in doing so they clearly don’t give a dam how this affects the indigenous of this country!


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