8 thoughts on “UKIP’s salvo in the Euro Elections

  1. The flyer went in my recycle bin. Too many racists, tax dodgers, fraudsters and expense fiddlers (including the leader) in UKIP for me to show them any form of respect.Strange how that gets ignored on here though.


    • This blog exists to allow discussion and for the sharing of opinions.

      It looks to me that you were allowed to share yours without hindrance.

      I also can only publish comments and opinions that come in, you are simply the first to make this point.


  2. SKT.

    Was it a Labour party flyer, they had a convicted MP and have a convicted Deputy Leader of RMBC, here in Rotherham

    Strange how politics attracts these types!


  3. Why do anti UKIP members on here ignore the failings of Labour MP’s and councillors.
    1.5% of pre 2010 Labour MP’s were jailed for fraud. RMBC’s Deputy Leader is a convicted thug.
    Diane Abbott had to apologise for racist comments she made on Twitter.(After she was threatened with the sack )
    The Labour Party allowed Margret Burke to be elected as a councillor even though she was Deputy Fuhrer of a Neo Nazi group. Labour councillor Nilgun Canver was found guilty of falsely claiming money from Harrow Council. Labour Peer Lord Ahmed made racist jibes blaming Jewish-owned media organisations for his imprisonment for dangerous driving.
    Not all bad eggs are members of UKIP.


      • Tony Blair’s illegal wars lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. How can people support political leaders who created the scenario for mass murder and sleep at night. UKIP may not be people’s cup of tea, but there is also No2EU, an Independent campaign to leave the EU, English democrats. Let’s see the same scrutiny of the Libliebcon. The more dirt thrown at UKIP, the more people support them, because they feel insulted that sensible discussion is resulting in people being called racist.


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