Leaked Report – Deconstruction Needed?

The Advertiser carried this unusual report, leaked to them by an anonymous source.

There is more to this, than meets the eye? Readers views?

Leaked Report ImagePosted previously: Who was first? The definitive answer – Jahangir Akhtar!

11 thoughts on “Leaked Report – Deconstruction Needed?

  1. Any party with any sense would produce a strategy document identifying weak points in a forthcoming election so there may be nothing behind it of a controversial nature. However, I would take issue with Ukip’s claim to be the natural opposition following Rawmarsh. A close analysis of the figures of that by election, comparing to 2010 polls shows that, if we assume a switch of most of the collapsing BNP votes to Ukip (and the rest of BnP supporters not even bothering), then Ukip made very little inroads to either Labour of Cons support. The Cons vote collapsed as well, proving that they are not an effective opposition either, while Liberals, while not collapsing, in that they didn’t even stand in 2010, polled a derisory 28 votes in the by election, so effectively a more disastrous performance than BNP or Cons. Hardly any votes on top of their own activist team. Truly dire. While congratulations are due to Caven Vines for winning and providing one more opposing voice in the council chamber, what actually happened is that many folk just didn’t bother to vote, probably feeling that they have no alternative to the three mainstream parties or right wingers. Maybe they are finally becoming disillusioned by a Labour party that is supposedly on the side of the ordinary, the poor and the vulnerable in society but is actually more like a champagne socialist outfit? There is such an alternative in some seats in that Independents (not mentioned in the article) and TUSC are putting up candidates, so there is a moderate to left option. Having been plunged back into full time work this year, I wish I could join them but I urge folk to vote true left or Independent, especially for Indies like Dave Gee, Dave Smith or Michael Conlan. It would be nice to see a certain young lady do well, too just to see what Rothpoltake2′s reaction is!


  2. You would expect any political party to make an assessment of its opponent’s strengths etc.
    The leaked report sets out Labours Cllrs at risk:
    Pat Russell, Colin Barron Dave Pickering, Keith Goulty, Brian Steel. Jacqueline Falvey, Shaukat Ali, Sue Ellis Jo Burton, and Alan Atkin.
    The timing of the leak is bad news for the above candidates as those voters who once thought it a waste of time voting in Labour controlled Rotherham have now been made aware that even the Labour party has concerns.
    Post election Labour if they retain more wards than expected will spin the result, no doubt with a certain individual taking the credit making way for his move to the Leader post.
    The flip side for Labour is in those wards not listed, traditional Labour voters may become complacent and stay at home, dropping the bar to a level an opposition candidate wins.
    I have no doubt Labour will have ranked each of the 21 wards; Rotherhan East would possibly top that list of being the most vulnerable.
    Those wards with multiple parties like Rotherham West the sitting candidate should be safe, factor in postal voting and chauffeurs taking voters to the polling station it’s a safe bet that candidate will be home and dry.
    Add in that UKIP have not shown any real fight, their flyer does not resonate with local voters, it lacks teeth when dealing with the track record of the controlling Labour group, Labour must be very pleased with the UKIP below par effort.
    However if UKIP changes tactics and uses hard hitting locally focused messages that mean something to Rotherham voters anything could happen.
    Surprisingly a move by the Deputy Leader J Akhtar to promote a blog with anti-Labour content must be a positive for UKIP etc


  3. Who ever put this report together they would appear to be incompetent as a psephologist as there appears to be little in the way of logic to their analysis.

    There are omissions that are difficult to explain, unless this was intended for another purpose entirely.

    A cursory gallop through the previous results makes Rotherham West and Brinsworth and Catcliffe’s omission impossible to explain, unless an unseen hand has been at work or another agenda is being pursued. These two Wards are the seats of Jahangir Akhtar and Shabana Ahmed, perhaps that’s the explanation?

    Of those that are on this list of vulnerable seats, there are seats, that no one in their right mind would claim to be at risk, why? It might be just coincidence, but some of those on the list happen to be occupied currently by those who don’t support Jahangir? Or it is known Akhtar can’t stand them for personal, not political reasons!

    Now I turn to the Advertiser report, Akhtar and Ahmed are both quoted responding to the leak which in itself is surprising in it’s amateurishness, unless of course that was part of the plan?

    Whatever the full truth behind this outrageous leak, Those behind it should be suspended from the party pending an investigation and then expelled!


  4. Note in the Eastleigh election that the Liberals did so well, because they had control of the council, however UKIP came 2nd and is now considered to be the prime party to take this seat at the next election, after a lot of hard work. UKIP did extremely well to come 2nd in Rotherham central from a standing start. Expect UKIP to start to eat into the Labour seats across the borough. Kevin Barron is ripe for being kicked out as an M.P. in Rothervalley in 2015. Kevin expects the electorate to vote him in, but other than empty rhetoric what does he offer us, he doesn’t even live here anymore, which shows his arrogance.


  5. Who benefits? A refinement of the ‘follow the money’ advice I normally recommend as being helpful to understanding, in these circumstances.


  6. There must be someone then, who is so selfish that they would lay down the seats of comrades, to try and protect their own and their lovers seats on the council?


  7. One of the most interesting aspects of these elections now, is that labour is losing votes by virtue of their campaigning. Every time they try and engage the voters, they remind them of the broken and corrupt politics of labour, and it is clear that this results in a change of voter sentiment! Oh dear.


  8. I like the little ryhme we all used to sing as children and have adopted it. There were 57 Labour bottles standing on the wall and if one Labour bottle should accidently fall!


  9. At the last count six of the ten have issues with the Deputy.
    Is this why they are being listed as at risk from UKIP to put the pressure on them to tow the Deputy line and beg his support?
    What kind of support you ask?
    Like, I will keep you off the blog, the one I am letting folks know about via Twitter.
    If you are in any doubt of what the new blog is capable of, just look what the new blog has done for Sue Ellis, Emma Hoddinott and Kevin Barron.
    So much for party loyalty!


    • I wonder how long it will take before the Labour Party teach Jahangir a lesson he will never forget? No one is bigger than the party!


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